Six new Pillsbury baking products balance convenience and favorite flavors

New Pillsbury baking offerings, photo provided by Pillsbury
New Pillsbury baking offerings, photo provided by Pillsbury /

As the baking season approaches, these new Pillsbury baking products are making it easy and convenient to get into the kitchen. From favorite cookie dough flavors to that fun Pull-Apart bread, the whole family will smile when those aromas come wafting from the oven.

While there was a time when people spent copious amounts of time perfecting the perfect homemade bread, the reality is that life is no longer that simple. Busy schedules have returned. But, there is a craving for something warm, fresh and delicious from the oven.

As Pillsbury Brand Experience Leader Tiffany Seelen said, “As we shift back to old schedules, it’s important to continue prioritizing family time. That’s why we’re so excited to offer a new line of products that provide families with more opportunities to create memories together.”

Looking at these products, the variety and convenience is clear. Just because the family wants something hot and fresh from the oven doesn’t mean that the counters have to be covered with flour.

New Pillsbury baking offerings
New Pillsbury baking offerings, photo provided by Pillsbury /

What are the six new Pillsbury baking products?

Included in these six new Pillsbury baking products are Pull-Apart Bread Kits, Mini Cinni Stix, and Mini Pizza Crusts, Also, included are snack-size edible Cookie Dough Poppins, which can be eaten straight from the bag.

Parents and kids will put the Mini Pizza Crusts on the must purchase list. For many families, pizza night is a weekly dinner staple. To avoid the pizza topping debate, these Mini Pizza Crusts ensure that everyone has their favorite food preference.

When it comes to these Mini Pizza Crusts, it can be a way to get everyone to push their food boundaries a little. While no one is saying that pineapple has to be on pizza, there is a chance to add some veggies to that always popular pepperoni pizza topping.

Since many people like food that is interactive, the Pull-Apart Bread Kits have been a huge hit. The pre-cut dough with the sauce pouches make a statement on the table. From a sweet monkey bread for breakfast to the garlic bread for family dinner, everyone will want to grab their favorite piece.

Speaking of breakfast, the Mini Cinni Stix could be that new Sunday brunch favorite. While these portable treats are an easy breakfast treat, they do lend themselves to some creativity in the kitchen.

Any leftover Mini Cinni Stix can be transformed into a tasty dessert. From a little scoop of ice cream to some apple topping, the possibilities are many.

Lastly, the new Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Poppins are an easy way to satisfy that sweet craving. Ready to eat straight from the bag, those classic flavors always bring smiles.

While these Cookie Dough Poppins are delicious on their own, they are perfect for dessert recipes. Whether layering some into an ice cream or topping a cake, the options are many. Just make sure to have two bags in the refrigerator. Sometimes, little fingers might have samples a few Poppins when no one is looking.

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These six new Pillsbury baking items are part of the brand’s permanent offerings. For more information on retailers and pricing, please visit

Do you prefer baking convenience in your house? What is your favorite food to bake?