Guy Fieri and Chevrolet created the ultimate all-American hot dog, interview

Guy Fieri and Chevrolet created the ultimate all-American hot dog, photo provided by Chevrolet
Guy Fieri and Chevrolet created the ultimate all-American hot dog, photo provided by Chevrolet /

Certain foods are All-American. While the 1970s commercial touted the classic combination of apple pie, baseball, hot dogs and Chevrolet, that sense of Americana still holds true today. Whether it is enjoying a classic hot dog while cheering for a favorite baseball team or sharing stories of family road trips in that Chevy, there are certain moments that instantly bring smiles to people’s memories.

In the past year, more and more people are celebrating nostalgia. From the taste of the familiar to wanting to rediscover family traditions, there is a craving for that flavor, a longing for a connection, and a wanting to bring a smile to the table. While all those sentiments are on the plate, the food can never be boring.

Guy Fieri and his food will never be labeled with the dreaded “b” word. From his numerous restaurants to his television programs, his celebrity has allowed him to be the voice for change. Even if you have never stepped into a Chicken Guy or driven to a Triple D location, the impact that Fieri has had on the food and restaurant world is tremendous.

While the restaurant industry might not have thought that a Red Chevy and a trip to Flavortown would have such an impact on its trajectory, the reality is Fieri is and will continue to be the uniting force to bring people together to revitalize the restaurants across the country. From fundraising efforts with his various partners to being the voice for those who need one, there are many reasons to pay attention when Fieri puts his stamp on a special offering.

What do Guy Fieri, Chevrolet and hot dogs have in common?

During a recent conversation with Fieri, I spoke to him about his new partnership with Chevrolet and a special event the Field of Dreams. As a lifelong Chevy fan, Fieri shared stories about him as a little kid and an art assignment. When everyone else was making a house or a flower with that yarn and nail art, he was making a Chevy Pickup. For him, that connection to Chevy runs deep.

He even recalls that nostalgic commercial featuring apple pie, hot dogs, baseball and Chevrolet. If you haven’t seen the commercial, check it out.

In a twist, the Fieri and Chevy decided to put a new spin on the classic pairing. Instead of serving the apple pie as a dessert to the hot dog, he combined it together into a single bite.

Before people scoff at the idea of an apple pie hot dog, the reality is that the idea isn’t too far out in left field. Fieri did admit that he “flinched a bit” when the concept was first discussed, but once he wrapped his head around it, the idea really came together.

Fieri went onto explain, that the idea “isn’t that far off. That combination of sweet and savory is classic. As he said, it is really “different than pork chops and applesauce.” From there, the culinary team started playing with ideas.

Guy Fieri Apple Pie Hot dog
Guy Fieri Apple Pie Hot Dog, photo provided by Chevy /

The simple idea of “jamming a hot dog into an apple pie” wasn’t the best choice. Instead, he went with the concept of handheld.

As Fieri explained that flaky pie crust, with a “little sugar, a little salt offers that juxtaposition.” Then, add a “funky mustard with a little sweet, a little mustardy” flavor. Next comes “bacon jam for some crunch and a really deep rich, flavor.” Next, there is the hot dog, apple pie filling and everything is in balance.

Before anyone shakes their head in disbelief, the analogy to pork chops and applesauce should be the frame of reference. While this version is definitely on a food concept taken to the Flavortown level, the reality is that this Apple Pie Hot Dog knocks the flavor out of the park. AsFieri commented, “I know it sounds crazy but you know, if you would have said, electric cars to somebody 15 years ago.” Sometimes innovation leads to the best ideas.

And, one thing that was very important to Fieri was that the concept needs to be a handheld. After all, Fieri said, “iconic American baseball experience is being able to eat it and cheer on the game.” Just make sure that you don’t drop your food when trying to catch that ball in the outfield.

Guy Fieri Apple Pie Hot Dog at Field of Dreams,
Guy Fieri Apple Pie Hot Dog at Field of Dreams, photo provided by Chevrolet /

Guy Fieri, Chevrolet and the Field of Dreams event.

While the Apple Pie Hot Dog might not be on a restaurant menu, it will be served at the Field of Dreams Game in Iowa. For this year’s game, the new phrase might be if Fieri creates it, guests will eat it.

Guests attending the MLB at Field of Dreams game will have the opportunity to try this apple pie hot dog. Anyone in attendance needs to take the opportunity to try this bite of Americana. And, just maybe, it could be the next must have hot dog at an MLB stadium for the 2022 season.

The MLB at Field of Dreams Presented by GEICO is being played in Dyersville, Iowa on Thursday, August 12 at 7 p.m. EST. It will be the first time that a major league baseball game will be played in Iowa. The game will be broadcast on FOX.

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While the 1970s commercial might sing about certain All-American nostalgic pairings, the modern day version has a little different approach but all those favorites can still knock it out of the park.