Pizza Hut goes beyond again by adding plant based pepperoni to its menu

Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat Plant Based Pepperoni, photo provided by Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat Plant Based Pepperoni, photo provided by Pizza Hut /

Pizza night is getting a plant based pepperoni upgrade thanks to Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat. After a successful launch of its Beyond Sausage Pizza, the two food brands are testing a new pizza offering. Where can you get a slice of this plant-based pizza?

Now available at 70 select locations, the Beyond Pepperoni Pizza is another example of how both Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat are pushing the food conversation forward. While pizza is and will always be one of the most iconic foods, it doesn’t mean that a slice becomes stale. Adding innovative toppings, flavors and textures is part of what makes pizza a great vehicle for food trends.

As Georgeanne Erickson, Chief Brand Officer, Pizza Hut, said, “With this new plant-based option, we’re giving customers more choices and more reasons to love Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut’s new Beyond Pepperoni Pizza delivers the same iconic taste as our original pepperoni that fans know and love.”

That sentiment is what will drive people to try this plant based pepperoni. Similar to the launch of the plant-based sausage offering, people want those classic flavors. They do not want to compromise on taste just to have a plant-based food option.

According to Dariush Ajami, Chief Innovation Officer, Beyond Meat, “We know there is strong consumer demand for pepperoni, and we’re thrilled to unveil a game-changing plant-based pepperoni topping as the next chapter in our innovation-focused partnership with Pizza Hut. We’re confident fans will love Beyond Pepperoni as it delivers the crisped edges and savory flavor profile of Pizza Hut’s classic pepperoni with the added benefits of plant-based meat.”

Why is a plant based pepperoni such a game changer for Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat?

Many people have been wanting a plant based pepperoni option. Although some brands have offered this food on a retail scale, this restaurant launch is a game changer. Just like the first plant-based burger changed quick service restaurants, so will this pepperoni.

As Beyond Meat explained, the key to this plant-based pepperoni pizza is the “crisped edges” of the pepperoni. Similar to how so many people love those pepperoni cups on the Pizza Hut Detroit Pizza, the toppings are just as important as that iconic hand-tossed crust.

At the same time, Pizza Hut has to offer a complete, satisfying bite. Although this announcement is unclear, the sauce used on the pizza will need to complement the flavors in the plant-based pepperoni. Since not all Pizza Hut sauces are the same, it will be interesting to taste this flavor combination.

The Beyond Pepperoni Pizza will be available at “70 Pizza Hut locations in five cities: Albany, New York; Columbus and Macon, Georgia; Houston, Texas; and Jacksonville, Florida.” In addition, the plant-based pepperoni can be enjoyed on any crust including, Original Stuffed Crust and Original Pan crusts.

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What do you think of this Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat plant-based pepperoni offering? Are you excited to try a slice?