Steve Schirripa is not afraid to stand up for his favorite condiments, interview

Steve Schirripa for Sir Kenningston, photo provided by Sir Kenningston
Steve Schirripa for Sir Kenningston, photo provided by Sir Kenningston /

From his iconic roles on the Sopranos to Blue Bloods, Steve Schirripa has never shied away from speaking his mind. Although he might have that outer exterior as a tough guy, the reality is that he is a close-knit family man, who knows a thing or two about some great food. While some classic Italian favorites might be the star of family dinners, he has some definite opinions on condiments, and he is not afraid to put on that tough guy image to protect that sentiment.

Recently, Sir Kensington’s had a problem that only Steve Schirripa could solve. With a New York City billboard good enough to eat, the condiment brand asked Schirripa to be the muscle to encourage people add a little more distance to that tempting food imagery.

As anyone knows, food images that are good enough to eat are tempting. But, food lovers are better served by enjoying those actual Sir Kensington’s condiments. From that spicy brown mustard to creamy mayonnaise, there are many options that can upgrade that hot dog, sandwich or any other food on the table.

During a recent conversation with Schirripa, he shared some thoughts on condiments, family dinners and a few ideas on avoiding those empty condiment containers in the refrigerator. While many people might just see Schirripa as an actor in his popular roles, he knows a lot about food.

Given that he has seen how enticing Sir Kensington’s condiments are, he appreciates how people can want to take a bite. Still, he ensures everyone that the actual food is much tastier than a bite of that billboard.

When asked for some ideas on keeping teenagers from putting back empty condiment containers in the the refrigerator, he encouraged me to let it go a little. While there could be a cracking of the whip, the reality is that there are far more pressing concerns to be worried about.

Speaking of condiments, Schirripa revealed a secret that might make him watch his own back next time that he is in Chicago. On occasion, he likes to put ketchup on a hot dog. While this food choice might be acceptable in some circles, it can cause a debate almost as heated as the hot dog as a sandwich controversy.

Since food is meant to bring people together, Schirripa was willing to share some of his thoughts on the importance of the family meal. While his daughters are older now, he appreciates the idea of gathering the family around the table.

Schirripa agreed that there is an importance to having those uninterrupted moments around the table. Whether it is talking about the day, sharing family memories or just enjoying a good laugh, that un-distracted time is vital.

Like many Italian families, Schirripa has some food traditions in his world. While Christmas Eve has a fish dish on the table, he appreciates keeping those moments going forward year after year. It is more than just perfecting that old-school recipe, the most important ingredient is the love put into every serving.

Schirripa shared that there are a few family recipes that have been passed down. He mentioned that he thoroughly enjoys his wife’s signature dishes and is grateful that his family still makes some of his grandmother’s recipes. Now, those family traditions have been shared with his daughter and her husband.

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In the end, the biggest takeaway from my conversation with Steve Schirripa wasn’t that he is the muscle that protects the Sir Kensington’s condiments. While we enjoyed a good laugh over ketchup, the truth is that his family food traditions bring him joy.

From the laugh when he tells a story to the poignant moment of reflection, food is that universal language that connects people from all different cultures, demographics and backgrounds. When everyone is appreciative of that big bite, the bounty on the table is even more enjoyable.