Dunkin Apple Cranberry Refresher will make you skip pumpkin this fall

Dunkin Fall offerings, photo provided by Dunkin
Dunkin Fall offerings, photo provided by Dunkin /

Although fall is often full of pumpkin spice flavors, it isn’t the only food choice on the table. Luckily, there is a bushel of other fall favorites that deserve to be plucked from the tree. Dunkin Apple Cranberry Refresher should be top of the must sip list.

Starting on August 18, Dunkin brings all the fall flavors to its seasonal menu. While returning favorites bring a sense of comfort, the reality is that the new food offerings are even more exciting.

One of the new food offerings is the Dunkin Apple Cranberry Refresher. In addition, there is an Apple Cranberry Coconut Refresher. From enjoying the colorful leaves to checking off that fall to-do list, these new beverages combine sweet and tart flavors that are as vibrant as the fall colors.

Plus, each Refresher beverage includes Green Tea and B Vitamins. That slightly sweet beverage is even better with an Apple Cider Donut.

Is the Dunkin Apple Cranberry Refresher better than the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew?

Since Dunkin is kicking off the fall flavors menu in mid-August, some people might not be ready for a hot beverage on a warmer day. Luckily, the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew is the tasty solution.

Dunkin fall pumpkin cold brew coffee
Dunkin Fall offerings, photo provided by Dunkin /

Another new beverage on the fall menu, the smooth, full-bodied coffee has a “pumpkin flavor swirl, Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam, and a cinnamon sugar topping.” The flavors are fall classics served in a different way.

Even more enticing is the beverage’s color. The Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam has a slight orange hue. Although not exactly the color of the pumpkin patch, it could be the picture perfect beverage for all those fall activities.

Of course, pumpkin flavors are all over the Dunkin fall menu. From the traditional pumpkin spice lattes to the pumpkin swirl, there is no shortage of pumpkin.

And, Dunkin is still making fall flavored donuts. From the pumpkin cake donut to the Munchkins, these treats are perfect with those fall flavored beverages. Or, there is a pumpkin muffin, if that fall treat is preferred.

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The Dunkin Fall menu starts on August 18. The leaves might not have their colorful hue yet but the fall flavors will make you run to Dunkin.