Target goes sweet and spooky with new Hyde and EEK products

Target Halloween Offerings, photo provided by Target
Target Halloween Offerings, photo provided by Target /

Need a reason to go shopping at Target? The spookiest Halloween event happens when you’re the only house without all the best goodies. Luckily Hyde and EEK has released its Halloween treats and it is time to start shopping.

Halloween is more than just one day of wearing costumes and gathering copious amounts of candy. The spooky season is a reason to enjoy a wide variety of food frights and delights. From decorations around the house to the treats from the kitchen, the only thing scary is someone requesting another pumpkin spice latte.

Luckily, Hyde and EEK at Target has a wide variety of Halloween treats. From the family who bakes together to the person who wants to play, these food ideas are meant to be delightful, not overly frightful.

One visually impressive treat is the Haunted Meringues Meringue Cookie Kit. While those little goblins might look intimidating, this kit has made it easy to master. The only thing spooky about this kit is the desire to eat all the little ghosts.

Hyde and Eek Halloween treats at Target
Target Halloween Offerings, photo provided by Target /

Of course, crispy rice treats are always a popular choice. Although this kit is all about Frankenstein, there is a little creativity to be found in that monster kit. The bride of Frankenstein could emerge from that box, too.

Lastly, Halloween cookies have taken a dark turn. Although no one has burnt these treats, the Walking Dyed Tie Dye Sugar Cookie Kit and the Ghost Hallow Chocolate Cookie Kit could awaken those sweet graveyard scenes in the tastiest way possible.

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The various Target Halloween Treats from Hyde and EEK are priced between $3.99 and $9.99. These items will be available in stores for a limited time.

Are you ready for the spooky season? What is your favorite Halloween treat?