Cinnabon Cookie BonBites are back to everyone’s delight

Cinnabon Cookie BonBites, photo provided by Cinnabon
Cinnabon Cookie BonBites, photo provided by Cinnabon /

As that warm, sweet aroma fills the air, that craving needs to be satisfied. No one can resist a Cinnabon cinnamon roll. Now, Cinnabon Cookie BonBites, the ultimate sweet treat, are back on bakery menus. The question isn’t will you eat one, instead it is how many will you eat?

Certain foods are just iconic. Cinnabon cinnamon rolls are one of those foods. Whether it is the sweet icing that smothers each bite or the gooey cinnamon in each layer, the reality is that every forkful satisfies. Even with that final bite, there is a temptation to lick the plate for every last morsel.

While that big cinnamon roll is always a great choice, sometimes there are multiple sweet cravings. Why have one dessert when there is a way to have two desserts in one bite.

What are Cinnabon Cookie BonBites?

In 2019, Cinnabon introduced these Cookie BonBites and now they have returned to restaurants. To be clear, these sweet treats are more than just putting chocolate cookie flavors in cinnamon rolls.

Cinnabon Cookie BonBites are bac
Cinnabon Cookie BonBites are back, photo provided by Cinnabon /

That craveable Cinnabon cinnamon rolls have been stuffed into a chocolate chip cookie. While many people have loved a brookie or other food mash-up ideas, this concept might have people wondering why this dessert hasn’t be part of the food conversation longer. Whether you enjoy a BonBite with a glass of milk, a cup of coffee or any way that you please, the reality is that you will want to get your fill.

As Kendall Ware, Chief Brand Officer, Cinnabon said, “(Cookie BonBites) are a Cinnabon fan-favorite and continue to be one of the most sought-after limited time offers, proving just how much our fans crave delicious and innovative Cinnabon treats that go beyond our classic rolls.”

Thinking about this treat, there are many ways to enjoy it beyond just biting into one. For example, a scoop of ice cream on top might make you forget that brownie sundae.

These freshly baked treats will be available at “mall bakeries and Pilot Flying J Travel Center locations nationwide.” And, for people who have that craving at home, the Cookie BonBites will be available on food delivery platforms. It is best to check with each service for delivery availability.

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The Cinnabon Cookie BonBites have a suggested price of “$3.29 (for one) and $14.99 (for eight).”

Are you excited for the return of the Cinnabon Cookie BonBites? How many do you think that you will order?