Lil Jif Project drops a new beat in That Jif’ing Good campaign

Lil Jif Project, with Ludacris and Jif, photo provided by Jif
Lil Jif Project, with Ludacris and Jif, photo provided by Jif /

Wherever you stood on the Gif vs Jif debate, the reality is that Jif peanut butter always delivers the flavor that people love. From those school lunches to that mid-day snack, people cannot get enough of that classic food. Even if a household is divided on crunchy virus smooth, everyone appreciates that peanut butter always has a place in the pantry.

In some ways, peanut butter is one of those foods that connects people. While you might make your kids’ sandwiches just like your mom made you or maybe you can’t believe those celebrity shopping features that show the same favorite foods in the bag, the reality is that some products are universally loved.

In many ways, peanut butter is forever ingrained into the pop culture narrative. It is more than just that sweet, salty spread between two pieces of bread. It tells a story, even if it does sometimes get stuck to the roof of your mouth.

That ability to tell a story is similar to the impact that music has on culture. While people have all different types of musical preferences, the reality is that music tells a story one note at a time.

How does the Ludacris feel about the Lil Jif Project?

While many people know Ludacris from this music and film appearances, the popular entertainer loves his Jif Peanut Butter. He said, “Those who know me know I am a die-hard peanut butter lover – I even have it on my rider!”

When given the opportunity to bring together Jif peanut butter and hip hop music, he was all in. Ludacris said, “I’ve been anticipating getting back into the studio for a while now and I saw this as a cool way to merge the best of my roots, inspired by the amazing sounds from artists like Gunna, to see what new-to-the-world magic I could create.”

As part of That Jif’ing Good Campaign, the Lil Jif Project celebrates people’s love of that delicious peanut butter. According to Rebecca Scheidler, Vice President of Marketing, Jif, “We think ‘Butter.ATL’ is proof positive that everything IS better with Jif peanut butter.”

Like the video shows, this take is “fresh and new.” While this newer style of flow might be a creative take, it is still rooted in those items that people love. Just like that jar of Jif Peanut Butter, classics always have a way to being part of the conversation.

While this campaign might be music to people’s ears, the reality is that this campaign looks to foster a good feeling beyond satisfying that craving. The brand is contributing to the Boys & Girls Club.

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Ludacris might have discovered a new sound but he isn’t the only person who can be inspired by that love of great flavors. What can That Jif’ing Good Campaign inspire you to do?