Idina Menzel and Rice Krispies Treats share back to school encouragement

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for CARE)
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for CARE) /

While there is excitement in buying school supplies and picking out a new backpack, those first school days might come with a few nervous feelings. From new teachers to seeing old friends, the transition from summer to school may not always be filled with butterflies and rainbows. But, some back to school encouragement from Rice Krispies Treats and Idina Menzel can put that sparkle back into the day.

According to a recent survey of parents by Rice Krispies Treats, “ 86% of parents experienced moments growing up when they needed more love and support from their own parents.” While parents often try to do better by their own children, the reality is that kids need that support from loved ones. Even the grumpy teenager who may not want to admit that he needs mom’s help, still wants to feel supported.

For the start of this school year, Rice Krispies Treats has partnered with Idina Menzel to foster the idea of daily encouragement. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but just a little word, thought or image that reminds others that there is someone supporting them.

Menzel said, “I’ll always remember the nerve-wracking moment of trying out for the school play and the fear of failure or of being picked on. If it wasn’t for the encouragement from those around me, like my music teacher and my mom’s supportive lunchbox notes, I might not have found the courage to audition.”

For many kids today, life is filled with uncertainty. Beyond the classroom walls, there are a variety topics that they have to navigate. But, how kids learn from these experiences, adapt and grow is vital to their tomorrow.

As Sarah Reinecke, senior director of marketing for Kellogg’s Portable Wholesome Snacks, said “At Kellogg Company, many of us are parents, and we believe a parent’s message paired with our comforting food is the best way to show love and support to your kids when you can’t be there.”

That sentiment is clearly seen on the packaging of the classic snacks. Being able to write on the label makes those words of encouragement an easy part of the daily routine.

Just like putting the cold pack in the right spot, keep the pen close to the pantry and write a little note every day. That special treat could be that bright spot to the day.

To help others spread some encouragement this school year, Rice Krispies Treats is giving away limited-edition Rice Krispies Treats 365 Days of Love and Support kit. For more information on how to obtain one, please visit the brand’s website.

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How did your family make the school day a little brighter? What words of encouragement would you share with school kids?