Luxardo canned cocktails raise a toast to curious cocktail explorers

Luxardo canned cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble
Luxardo canned cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble /

A lovely apertivo doesn’t necessarily have to come with a side of complication. Sometimes that perfect sip is just a pour away. With Luxardo canned cocktails, that beverage is ready when you thirst for it.

The ready to drink canned cocktail market has grown tremendously. While the cooler or refrigerator is stocked with numerous options, the reality is that not all cans are the same. In a sea of malt beverages, Luxardo takes a different approach.

For 200 years, Luxardo has been that Italian artisanal spirit that cocktail lovers always have on the shelf. And, those Original Maraschino Cherries are the special treat that makes one cocktail shine over another. That time honored tradition has made Luxardo the brand that people trust.

As Matteo Luxardo, Export Director for Luxardo said, “For 200 years, Luxardo’s legacy has prioritized consumers. Our family recipe has been sipped by kings, sold on the Titanic and has created an elevated experience for cocktail lovers into the 21st century.”

How are the Luxardo canned cocktails a sip above the rest?

For cocktail explorers, finding an artisanal sip is more than just grabbing another can from the shelf. Even though many people crave the convenience of leaving the cocktail shaker behind, they do not want to sacrifice on flavor. The Luxcardo canned cocktails deliver the sip that cocktail lovers crave.

Available in three expressions, Aperitivo Spritz, Bianco Spritz and Sour Cherry Gin & Tonic, each one offers a nuanced sip that sets the tone for a leisurely afternoon or awakens the palate for a delightful dinner.

Since many people are obsessed with the Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries, the Sour Cherry Gin & Tonic might be their first choice. The herbal notes from the gin play off the sweet yet slightly tart flavor from the cherry. Even the vibrant color entices from the moment it is poured.

As a more traditional option, the Aperitivo Spritz is for anyone who loves a great spritz. The slightly bitter flavor is delightful. Served with an orange slice, this cocktail might make you dream of that Italian getaway.

Although there are various canned cocktails on the shelf, these Luxardo canned cocktails are meant to be savored. Each can has a 10% ABV and is more of a single cocktail enjoyment. Given that the beverages are sold in a four-pack, they might be best enjoyed with a friend.

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The Luxardo canned cocktails are sold at select Whole Foods and Total Wine location in various states and more information can be found online.

If you are ready to enjoy a luxurious cocktail that is simple to enjoy at a moment’s notice? It is time to pour some Luxardo canned cocktails into the glass.