Football is calling and Pepsi fans choose the love of the game

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 06: Pepsi Fall Football Shoot With David Costabile at Silvercup Studios on August 06, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Pepsi)
NEW YORK, NEW YORK - AUGUST 06: Pepsi Fall Football Shoot With David Costabile at Silvercup Studios on August 06, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Pepsi) /

From the kickoff to the final play, football is calling fans to watch all 60 minutes of action. While Sunday might be fun, have vibes or a variety of other hashtags associated with it, the reality is Sunday is football watching day. Isn’t it time to block off the calendar, turn off the notifications and sink into that comfortable spot to watch it every moment? Food might be better with Pepsi but football and Pepsi is an essential food and beverage pairing.

In the past several months, Pepsi has focused on food and moments that are just better with that classic cola beverage. It is the slight sweetness that makes burgers or chicken wings satisfying. When the beverage brand encourages people to explore how sipping a Pepsi is more refreshing, they really want to prove that sentiment. Who wouldn’t want a free drink just to taste test?

As the NFL season is set to begin, Pepsi wants fans to take a moment to rethink their Sundays. Even though last year’s season involved more screen time than stadium seat time, the reality is that football fans do not want to miss any minute of action. Even if the kids have a soccer game or someone schedules a baby shower on football Sunday, it might be time to politely decline because plans have been made and they cannot be broken.

As Todd Kaplan, VP of Marketing – Pepsi, said “Now that fall schedules are beginning to fill up, we felt it was important to remind everyone to unapologetically prioritize their football watching time – even if it comes at the expense of social or household obligations.”

To celebrate that feeling, Pepsi has a new campaign for the upcoming NFL season. Called “Football Is Calling” and starring David Costabile (Billions and Breaking Bad), the premise is simple. Sundays are for football and those first downs and touchdowns take priority.

Kaplan commented, “Sundays are very special days for NFL fans, as the football watching experience at home has become a somewhat sacred experience for many. No matter where you find yourself this season, we’re encouraging fans to celebrate their love of countless hours of football…and to do so with a Pepsi in hand, decked out in their favorite team gear.”

Check out the new Pepsi “Football Is Calling” spot for the NFL Season.

As seen in the commercial, the coach-like inspirational speech is reminiscent of many big football moments. Whether it is that Rudy moment, a nod to Vince Lombardi or maybe even a little Jimmy Johnson “how about them Cowboys,” the reality is someone needs to champion football Sunday because the call needs to be answered. As said in the video, “Today is for football.”

During my recent conversation with David Costabile, he gave some insight on the inspiration for his character in the “Football Is Calling” spot. While he admitted that he was “cut from most sports teams” and even though he “kept going out for them,” he just “couldn’t get in.”

Even though he admitted that he was “obviously a mediocre athlete,” he has played many roles that exemplify the characteristics of this character. From analysts to even Wags on Billions, these characters know how to “harness the passion inside of themselves.” From “how they feel” to how “they express is it” all those ideas are there.

Having played “many versions of this character along the way,” he appreciated the “arc and shape” of the speech. It is one of the reasons why he found the spot so attractive and compelling. The “language was supporting“ and the character has such a clear passion for what “it means to be home watching the NFL and that dedication to what it takes” to be that fan.

How does Pepsi call David Costabile on football Sundays?

Although he might not have a man cave in his Brooklyn home, he has tried to instill some Sunday football watching traditions in his family. With his young daughters by his side, he said that “Sunday afternoon is time to watch football with dad.” Having grown up in Washington DC area, he tries to find watch the Washington Football Team game.

And, since football Sunday often has some food served with that Pepsi, Costabile shared his favorite football watching snack. He said that he is a salty snack guy. Pretzels are a must have snack when football is calling.

Even though the world seems to be bustling with activity, that divot on the couch that has been so nurtured is the best Sunday seat in the house. Football is calling and football fans are ready to answer. Grab some snacks, an iced cold Pepsi and focus on those tackles and completed passes. Sunday is for football.

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What is your Sunday football watching tradition? Do you have a football watching routine?