Spritz Society: Satisfying Spritz SZN cravings with a sophisticated taste

Spritz Society, photo provided by Spritz Society
Spritz Society, photo provided by Spritz Society /

While the ready to drink cocktail market soars in popularity, there needs to be care when grabbing a beverage from the cooler. Although space might be crowded, the canned cocktails are not all the same. For those with a sophisticated taste, the reality is that there is only one choice, Spritz Society.

When someone asks for a spritz, a few ideas come to mind. Although a certain crowd might think of a wine spritzer that is a lighter, wine cocktail, others think of a vibrant, slightly bitter aperitif. In either scenario, the beverage invites the drinker to enjoy a moment to toast life’s good moments.

Although that spritz is quite enjoyable, it isn’t always the most convenient choice. Sometimes the ability to grab and go a drink, trumps a craft cocktail. But, many people long the perfect combination, a great cocktail in a convenient format.

How is Spritz Society different from other ready to drink varieties?

Created by Ben Soffer, the beverage stemmed from the idea of crowd-sourcing his legions of fans. As Soffer said, “Spritz Society is truly an organic response to customer demand- a brand by the people, for the people.”

While Soffer might have coined the phrase Spritz SZN, this new beverage launch is more than just an Instagrammable moment that makes people want to crack open a can. Listening to what people really want created a beverage that people will crave after taking that first sip.

This beverage creation method might forever change the way new beverages come to fruition. Giving a social community what they want on a silver platter could ensure a loyal fan base long beyond the initial launch.

Although much can be said about how a brand makes its name, the reality is that the beverage itself must stand out in a sea of sameness. For those drinkers who long for better tasting canned cocktails, it might be time to learn to appreciate the difference.

Available in four flavors, grapefruit, blood orange, pineapple and lemonade, the spritz is a combination of sparkling wine, natural flavors and cane sugar. Putting the ingredients front and center is important to the brand. Just like a great cocktail is the sum of its parts, the clean, crisp flavor of this spritz comes from its simplicity.

Although everyone will have a personal favorite, the reality is that pineapple should be the first one to try. Even though the blood orange has the most vibrant color, the pineapple flavor is bright and refreshing. It might not be a vacation in a glass, it is a break from the blandness.

Overall, all the flavors have a clean, crisp taste. The wine notes are slightly sweet but not cloying. The bubbles have a delightful mouth feel. It is that sip that make people crave Spritz SZN.

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Since Spritz Society is made with California wine, it is available for purchase online. For more information on ordering, please visit the company’s website for options and availability.