Coca-Cola and Lime partner on a commitment to a World Without Waste

Coca-Cola partners with Lime, photo provided by Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola partners with Lime, photo provided by Coca-Cola /

Sometimes an incentive can encourage others to make a change. While many people appreciate that one decision can have a broader impact, the here and now can blur the moment. In a recent company announcement, Coca-Cola and Lime forward their commitment to a World Without Waste.

Today’s consumer is more than price savvy. Many purchase decisions are driven by a brand’s commitment to certain causes. When a company can align with a consumer’s philosophy, the brand can spark a sense of loyalty beyond a flavor preference.

For example, a company’s impact on the environment has influenced consumers spending decisions. From social change to creating new habits, the reality is that forward looking companies are finding a deeper connection to consumers.

Previously, Coca-Cola committed to a World Without Waste initiative. As part of that programming, the brand started the rollout of bottles made from “100% recycled plastic material (rPET).” To mark the nationwide availability of these bottles, the brand announced a new partnership with Lime.

For those unfamiliar with Lime, it is a “micromobility company.” Sustainability is at the core of the Lime brand. Many of the brand’s bikes and e-scooters can be seen across various cities.

As part of this partnership, 40,000 free bike or e-scooters rides will be given away. Those offers will be available for people who “purchase and pledge to recycle their 13.2 oz 100% rPET Coca-Cola bottles.”

Brandan Strickland, Brand Director of Coca-Cola Trademark, Coca-Cola North America, said, “The 13.2oz, 100% rPET Coca-Cola bottle is just one of the many innovations the company has introduced to make important advancements towards a World Without Waste. Now, with 13.2 oz, 100% rPET Coca-Cola bottles available at convenience stores across the nation, we’re encouraging people to go the extra mile to commit to recycling our products again and again.”

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For more information on this promotion and other details about the program please visit the brand’s website. The offer is available while supplies last.

How are you committed to a World Without Waste? Are you looking to make a difference every day?