Delicious Disney Princess inspired recipes perfect for a royal family

Dole Disney Princess recipes, photo provided by Dole
Dole Disney Princess recipes, photo provided by Dole /

Whether is it World Princess Week or channeling the royal life, these delicious Disney Princess inspired recipes are always a treat on the table. Even if the shadows of Cinderella’s Castle are too far away to be seen, the Disney Princess spirit can be captured in many ways.

While some people think of a princess as the picture-perfect image with a sparkling tiara, those women are full of courage and kindness. From Tiana who keeps striving for better to Moana who is never afraid to go far, the women are definitely not that damsel in distress.

All that hard work and effort can build up quite an appetite. As a long time Disney partner, Dole has created a variety of Disney Princess inspired recipes that the whole family will enjoy. From dessert to drinks, a royal feast can fill the table.

Which delicious Disney Princess inspired recipes earn the crown?

Luckily, Dole has set the table for the perfect Disney Princess feast. Whether the family wants to have the perfect tea party or a treat after the royal feast, there is a dish that fits everyone’s fancy. Plus, Dole made a point to ensure that all the Disney Princess inspired recipes are full of healthy eating ingredients. It might be the easiest ways to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Since Dole has so many recipes in the portfolio, it is easy to make a multi-course feast with Disney Princess inspired food. For example, why not start with the Princess Pearls Punch. While the kids will love the little tapioca pearls, parents will appreciate the extra serving of fruit.

Disney Princess recipes from Dole
Dole Disney Princess recipes, photo provided by Dole /

Moving onto the main course, the Maui Pizza Rollups are a great choice. Pizza is always a popular choice and this recipe easy. Plus, the kids can help to make them.

Lastly, dessert is a treat that everyone will love and it is a great compromise on sweet treats. The Te Fiti Fudgy Cocoa Puffs are a must try. Made with dates, it shows that the fruit makes a great sugar substitute. With this dessert, parents are definitely allowing a second helping.

These recipes and more Disney Princess inspired recipes can be found on the Dole website. More importantly, these dishes can be a great way to encourage healthy eating habits in the family. Making smart food choices is always an attribute worthy of wearing the tiara.

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What Disney character inspired recipes has your family made? Do themed food nights help to get the family excited about new food choices