Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries are a cut above the competition

New Wendy's Hot and Crispy Fries, photo provided by Wendy's
New Wendy's Hot and Crispy Fries, photo provided by Wendy's /

For many people, the most satisfying food combination is a Wendy’s fries and a Frosty. While people can debate the dip or no dip scenario, the reality is that a perfectly crisp fry is always best. In the latest Fast Food Done Right innovation, Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries are definitely “cut above the rest.”

There are many aspects to making a perfect French fry. While it does start with the potato, it is more than just sticks fried to perfection. The method and care turning that humble vegetable into a craveable taste is a quest that few are willing to take.

Over the years, Wendy’s has committed to being the leader in Fast Food Done Right. From the expansion of its Made to Crave menu, including the new Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger, to incorporating seasonal offerings, the quick service restaurant appreciates that consumers have a choice and the brand wants to earn that purchase. Balancing flavor and value in each menu item, Wendy’s has built a loyal following.

Why are Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries slicing through the competition?

Through much care and consideration, the Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries are coming to restaurants across the U.S. and Canada. The new food roll-out should be complete by mid-September.

During a round-table lunch discussion with John Li (Vice President of Culinary Innovation), Emily Kessler (Senior Specialist, Culinary & Innovation) and Jay Drumm (Senior Specialist, Culinary & Product Development), the trio discussed how this innovative food offering will change the conversation on the quick service restaurant French fry. While everyone knows that signature Wendy’s fry shape, this improved version ensures that each bite is potato perfection.

As food delivery continues to be part of the conversation, the food arriving at the door needs to be as tasty as the food served in the restaurant. That 20-30 minute buffer of delivery time can create the soggy fry dilemma. There is nothing more disappointing than a flaccid fry.

When Wendy’s looked to create the Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries, it knew that food delivery needed to be part of the conversation. Those French fries needed to be as tasty whether eaten out of the bag in the drive through or at home on the couch.

The innovative approach that the brand took looked to use its signature French fry shape and ensure that the heat retention side and the crispiness side were the match made in food heaven. As shared during the media event, Emily Kessler said that these fries have a “whisper of coating” to ensure that those fries are crispy 2 minutes or 20 minutes after ordering.

Although some people might think that this food innovation would be simple, Kessler shared that it “is probably the most complex project I’ve worked on in my entire career. We took the route that was harder – but it was the right one for us. We were able to deliver a crispier fry, that is preferred nearly 2:1 over our biggest competitor McDonald’s.”

As guests begin to enjoy the Wendy’s Hot and Crispy Fries, the taste will impress. Given that Wendy’s fries are the most sold menu item, this new version has to deliver on its promises. Given Wendy’s commitment to Fast Food Done Right, there is no doubt that it will deliver, again.

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