Coors Light is making football season a little more chill

Coors Light, the beer made to chill, photo provided by Coors Light
Coors Light, the beer made to chill, photo provided by Coors Light /

Counting down to the NFL regular season kickoff? While there will be plenty of action on the field, the game might be served with a side of anxiety. If you are ready for football season to be a little more chill, Coors Light is listening and has the solution, the Coors Light Weighted Hoodie.

Watching NFL football can be an emotional roller coaster. From those cheers for that epic big play to disheartening loss, those four quarters are totally unpredictable. It can make you want to curl up in a ball and wish for baseball season.

While some people might have stress ball or others might have a punching bag, Coors Light has a new solution, the Coors Light Weighted Hoodie. Before someone thinks that this apparel is some type workout gear, they are mistaken.

This Weighted Hoodie is similar to a weighted blanket. Just like that weighted blanket on the bed, this heavy hoodie is meant to reduce stress. Like a big strong hug, it can be that sense of comfort when the game gets too stressful.

Made with 10lbs of weighted blanket technology, this limited edition hoodie might be the envy of all your football buddies. In addition to the weight, there is stress-relieving fabric and an air knit lining.

Even though many people have a lucky jersey, this special Coors Light Weighted Hoodie might be the new good luck charm. And, it is better than throwing that “damnit” doll across the room after that bad play.

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The Coors Light Weighted Hoodie is available via It retails for $150, while supplies last.

Are you ready for the chillest NFL season ever? More importantly, could this special hoodie help reduce your stress eating during the game and stop you from crying in your beer?