Insomnia Cookies new flavors mean you can have cookies for breakfast

New Insommnia Cookies, photo provided by Insommnia Cookies
New Insommnia Cookies, photo provided by Insommnia Cookies /

When a cookie craving hits, it has to be satisfied and Insomnia Cookies is always ready to deliver. With the new Insomnia Cookies breakfast inspired flavors, it just might be the sweetest excuse to have cookies with your morning coffee.

Everyone has a favorite cookie flavor. While people can debate the perfect ratio of chocolate chips in a cookie, the reality is that cookies make people happy. It is a simple pleasure that seems to turn that frown upside down.

But, sometimes that favorite flavor needs a newer companion. A little sweet creativity can turn that cookies and milk treat into an even tastier experience.

Insomnia Cookies has just added several new limited edition breakfast inspired cookie flavors. While the idea of cookies for breakfast is exciting, the bigger treat is that this idea pushes the food flavor creativity in a whole new direction.

What are the Insomnia Cookies breakfast inspired flavors?

The new limited edition Insomnia Cookie breakfast inspired flavors are Cinnamon Bun, Everything Bagel and Cereal N Milk Cookie. Yes, the brand added a savory-ish style cookie and you will want a dozen.

First, the Cinnamon Bun cookies is a luscious cookie. The creamy cinnamon chips are surrounded by cinnamon swirls and cream cheese drops. If you warm these cookies slightly in the oven, the aroma is quite enticing.

While cookies and milk might be traditional, the Cinnamon Bun cookies is delightful with a cup of coffee. Given all that late night studying, a little caffeine is always in order.

The most creative cookie is definitely the Everything Bagel cookie. Before anyone makes curious comments about this food mash-up, have you ever put sesame seeds in a cookie or a dessert. It is quite a tasty flavor experience.

The Everything Bagel cookie has all those classic flavors, yes like poppyseeds. While it is less sweet, it is quite tasty. Sometimes cookies do not have to be super sweet.

And, why can’t there be a savory leaning cookie. It is just taking all those flavors that people crave about an everything bagel and putting it in a different form. Now, cookies are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Lastly, the Cereal N Milk Cookie will be available starting September 13 as part of a special. This flavor seems to combine all the favorite cereal flavors in a single bite. No need for a bowl, spoon or glass, this flavor has it all in a single bite.

The Cereal N Milk Cookie combines Fruity Pebbles cereal with marshmallows and white chocolate chips. The brown butter cookie, with its slight nuttiness, balances all the other sweetness in each bite. And, if you want a glass of milk with this cookie, no one will stop you. But, just be cautious if you dip your cookie into the milk. No one like spilled milk or cookie crumbles.

The Cereal N Milk Cookie will be part of the annual PJ Party. On September 13, locations across the country will be offering some sweet deals. Just make sure your PJs are clean for the big celebration.

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The Insomnia Cookies breakfast inspired cookies are available now. For more information and ordering options, please visit the brand’s website.

Have you had cookies for breakfast? What other innovative cookie flavors would you like to see on the plate?