Goldfish Jalapeno Popper brings the heat to nostalgic snacking

Goldfish Jalapeno Poppers, photo provided by Goldfish
Goldfish Jalapeno Poppers, photo provided by Goldfish /

Goldfish crackers are always that snack that smiles back and the newest limited-edition flavor, Goldfish Jalapeno Popper adds a little kick to snack time. Whether you love that classic appetizer or just want a little bolder flavor, this new flavor is a swimmingly good time.

For many people, Goldfish is a pantry staple. From those school lunches to curbing a hunger, the snack always delivers a great taste. Even though the classic flavor is delightful, limited-edition flavors bring some extra excitement. From partner collaborations to trending flavors, those little fish aren’t afraid to swim down a different lane.

The newest limited edition offering, Goldfish Jalapeno Popper blends a touch of nostalgia with a bold flavor. Without being too extremely spicy, the flavor is just like that classic appetizer that everyone loves. A bold flavor that brings people back time and again.

While some people will grab a bag because of the spiciness, others will appreciate the nod to 90s nostalgia. As seen across many food brands this year, the 90s are having a moment in food. Although it might not require a table at the Max, you might feel a slight connection to AC Slater.

According to Danielle Brown, Vice President of Marketing, Campbell Snacks, “90s nostalgia is on the rise, and when deciding on our next flavor, we immediately thought of our favorite snack from the era: Jalapeño Poppers.” Whether it is someone looking for a taste of the childhood or wanting to bring that experience to their kids, this new snack flavor could be served with a side of stories.

Even if the kids might not want to hear about your days as a pre-teen or that obsession with the NSYNC, 90s nostalgia is definitely having a moment. To kick off this limited edition flavor, Goldfish is blending 90s fashion with snack time.

As Brown shared, “In bringing this iconic flavor to life, nothing put a smile on our faces like creating the ultimate 90s combo of a pair of JNCO jeans with a bag of Jalapeño Popper Goldfish peeking out of each pocket.” The statement fashion pairs well with the bold snacking.

For fashionistas who want their own pair of JNCO jeans, more information can be found at the brand’s website.

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And, Goldfish Jalapeno Poppers are available at various retailers. The snacks are available while supplies last.

Can you think of other classic dishes that could be transformed into a snack? What other flavors do you crave from the 90s?