Buddy vs Duff Season 3 finale: Monster cakes for the win

Host Buddy Valastro talks to Duff, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo provided by Food Network
Host Buddy Valastro talks to Duff, as seen on Buddy vs Duff, Season 3. Photo provided by Food Network /

With the final challenge being a winner take all situation, the Buddy vs Duff Season 3 finale might be the biggest spectacular yet. Which monster will frighten up the big victory for Buddy Valastro or Duff Goldman?

According to Food Network, Buddy vs Duff Season 3 finale, Monster Mashup, features the following:

"For the competition finale, Buddy Valastro and Duff Goldman create monster cakes. Team Buddy works on a radioactive dinosaur, and Team Duff makes a Frankenstein’s monster cake of mismatched doll parts. Fifty esteemed cake artists judge their work and crown the season winner."

While the synopsis shares the themes of both cakes, the reality is that either team can snatch victory from the other. It is more than just executing well, these cakes need to have that wow factor.

Looking back at the season, Team Duff excels when it has a dynamic display. While Duff might like the intricacies, those details can be lost in the presentation.

For the mismatched doll, the look needs to push the creativity. This idea is not Chucky or some demented ragdoll. This cake display is all about the spooky and the scary.

While the idea stems from Frankenstein’s monster, the reality is that it is not a traditional Frankenstein image. This idea is more imaginative. And, knowing Team Duff, this look will be skew more scary. This doll might have the spooky house as her home.

For Team Buffy, the radioactive dinosaur will be huge. As seen in challenge after challenge, Buddy is about big. While this dinosaur might gigantic, it needs to be a monster. It is not the time for cute. This dinosaur needs to stomp over the competition.

Given that the Buddy vs Duff finale cake display will decide the winner, this challenge needs to have the wow factor. Even though there have been a few controversies this season, the finale will have people taking side. Even if one cake dominates the other, there will be supporters who will question the decision.

It is impossible to predict the Buddy vs Duff Season 3 winner. But, one item is true. Only one team will have bragging rights.

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Who do you think will win the Buddy vs Duff finale? Are you cheering for a team or for a cake?