La Creperie de Paris brings a taste of Brittany to Epcot

La Creperie de Paris, Saumom Galette, photo by Cristine Struble
La Creperie de Paris, Saumom Galette, photo by Cristine Struble /

After entering under the arch to Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, guests step into a stunning world of Remy’s Paris. While the ride awaits to shrink guests into Remy’s perspective, everyone passes La Creperie de Paris. Whether enjoyed prior to riding or a treat savored after that adventure, this Epcot restaurant should not be missed.

During a media preview, La Creperie de Paris, the Epcot restaurant, was open and select menu items were sampled. While the restaurant includes both a window service option and a table service menu, the best way to enjoy this taste of Brittany is to sit at a table and savor each bite.

Like many Disney food experiences, every detail to make an authentic, almost immersive, experience is perfection. Beyond the décor, the specially sourced ingredients make the flavors feel as if the diner is tasting a bite straight from Brittany.

While the restaurant’s name refers to crepes, the menu is divided into two offerings, crepes, which are sweet, and galettes, which are savory. Beyond the flavor differences, one key element makes these galettes quite special.

In Brittany, galettes are made with Buckwheat flour. At La Creperie de Paris, Disney imports Buckwheat flour from Brittany to be used in its galettes. That choice makes this menu quite special, and the first bite is one to remember.

By using the Buckwheat flour in the galette, the edges get a slight crunch, which adds to authenticity and eating enjoyment. That slight difference in texture leads the diner to take bite after bite till the plate is empty.

Which La Creperie de Paris menu items should you try first?

While the best way to explore the menu is to order the prix fixe three course meal for $33 and possibly bring friends to enjoy multiple galettes and crepes, that option may not be possible for everyone. Still, a few options stand out as top choices.

The Saumon, which is smoked salmon with crème fraiche and chives is superb. The thinly sliced smoked salmon is delicately placed on the crème fraiche, but every bite of the galette seems to a piece of salmon.

The nuttiness of the Buckwheat flour with the slightly crisp edges offers a beautiful contrast to the creaminess of the salmon and crème fraiche. When enjoyed with a glass of cider, it is c’est magnifique.

Overall, there are six galettes on the menu. In addition to the Saumon, the galettes include Classique, Poulet, Chevre, Ratatouille, and Savoyarde. Each galette is priced at $15.95.

Gourmand crepe at La Creperie de Paris at Epcot
Gourmand crepe at La Creperie de Paris at Epcot photo by Cristine Struble /

Of course, many people will be drawn to the sweet crepes. Whether it is dreaming of that chocolate hazelnut flavor layered within the delicate crepe or trying a new flavor combination, the reality is that sometimes it might be permissible to have dessert both first and last.

The dessert crepes are offered in five flavors, Gourmande, Banane, Melba, Poire, and Pomme. While many people will be drawn to Gourmande and its classic chocolate hazelnut flavors, the Melba is a delicious option. The combination of peach, red berry sauce and almonds is a bounty of fruit forward sweetness. The crunch of the almonds balances the juiciness of the peaches. While whipped cream or ice cream can be added, it isn’t completely necessary.

The crepes are $8.95 each. Add-ons, like whipped cream, ice cream and sauces, are $2.95 each.

Hidden treasures at La Creperie de Paris

While the galettes and crepes are the star of the menu, two little hidden gems add to the authenticity of this Epcot restaurant. First, for adults, the dessert crepes can be served with a shot. This pairing is part of the Brittany experience, where the dessert is often served with a shot of rum or brandy.

When ordering the extra shot, the option is brought in a glass. The diner can choose how to enjoy that beverage. From pouring over the crepe or just sipping while eating, it is another aspect that adds to the authentic dining experience.

In addition, La Creperie de Paris serves French Cider. Like French tradition dictates, French cider is made from 100% apples. The flavors are clean, crisp and refreshing.

The cider menu features various offerings. From a brut that has slightly less sugar to a slightly sweet demi-sec, it can be fun to explore numerous options on the menu. Plus, since the prix fixe menu comes with a glass of cider, it can be a lovely way to see how the different ciders enhance the flavors of the galettes and crepes.

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La Creperie de Paris is located in the French Pavilion within Epcot. The complete menu is available via the Disney Parks website.

What is your favorite Epcot restaurant? Are you excited to try this new French restaurant at Epcot?