Top Chef Family Style premiere: Celebrating food and family, video clip

TOP CHEF FAMILY STYLE -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Meghan Trainor, Marcus Samuelsson -- (Photo by: Smallz & Raskind/Peacock)
TOP CHEF FAMILY STYLE -- Season: 1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Meghan Trainor, Marcus Samuelsson -- (Photo by: Smallz & Raskind/Peacock) /

From Quickfires to Elimination Challenges, the iconic Top Chef food television show has been transformed into must watch family television. With the new Top Chef Family Style premiering on Peacock, cooking with family takes on new meaning. Will these culinary proteges rise to the top or will they pack their knives and go?

For over 18 seasons, Top Chef has been the pinnacle of food television. Over the seasons, there have been numerous memorable moments. It is more than just salivating over perfectly prepared food and longing for a seat at Restaurant Wars. The show has turned chefs into pop culture icons outside of the kitchen.

With the new Top Chef Family Style, the show looks to the next generation of chefs. Although these chefs might be young, they are cooking years beyond their age. From the first challenge to the ultimate triumphant, these culinary proteges might teach some veterans a few things in the kitchen.

As the Top Chef Family Style premiere is set to air on Peacock, check out this special video clip for the upcoming season.

While this clip is just a glimpse of the many challenges throughout the Top Chef Family Style season, it gives a wonderful sense of the purpose behind this show. In some ways, it is more than showcasing talented chefs. It is about the celebrating family.

Of course, the young chefs are proving their talents, but it is more than just their culinary genius at work. It is about celebrating that concept of cooking with family and expanding that culinary approach. Whether it is borrowing from a family tradition that has been passed down or building on favorite techniques, the food television show is meant to inspire as much as it is to entertain.

Part of the appeal of the new Top Chef show is the hosting duo of Marcus Samuelsson and Meghan Trainor. While Samuelsson has numerous culinary accolades, Trainor is not quite as well versed in the kitchen. Although there might be a bass/fish pun waiting to swim to the surface, the reality is that Trainor brings the approachability to this show. Just like the teams are on a journey to achieve greatness, Trainor is ready to explore new foods and flavors.

During a recent media preview event, Trainor commented that she has been a fairly picky eater and not necessarily the best cook. As she shared, she burns more food like her mother, but her dad is a really good cook. Still, the Top Chef Family Style experience had her becoming more confident. From picking up culinary terms to trying new foods, she might even be willing to give her dad a little help in the kitchen.

The combination Samuelsson and Trainor is perfection, just like the balance of flavors in a Top Chef Family Style winning dish.

Everyone knows that Samuelsson has the critical eye in evaluating all the dishes, but that feedback is handled with a supportive slant. This show is about celebrating the food and family in a positive way. From learning from mistakes to collaborating with a teammate, it should inspired others to get into the kitchen and explore their own culinary creativity.

In some ways, Samuelsson almost sounded like a proud teacher when Trainor started talking about umami and cooking techniques. It was like seeing a foodies butterfly emerging from that picky cocoon. More importantly, it shows that everyone can learn and appreciate good food and cooking techniques.

Samuelsson commented on the culinary ability of these young chefs. It was more than just being surprised, he was quite impressed. From Halloween challenges to a Thanksgiving theme, Samuelsson said that the upcoming season is filled with delicious dishes.

At the same time, Top Chef fans expect that level of culinary expertise from its cheftestants, regardless of their age. The level of this culinary competition has not been compromised just because it is a family team competing.

As the Top Chef Family Style premiere debuts on Peacock, the new show should be family must see TV. Whether or not the next Sunday dinner is a repeat of a winning recipe is not the point. But, this new show proves that cooking with family is fun, memorable and flavorful.

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Top Chef Family Style airs on Peacock. The first two episodes drop on September 9. Additional episodes air on subsequent Thursdays.

What is your best tip for cooking with family? Are you excited to see what these culinary teams create?