DashPass Pup from DoorDash is the ultimate man’s best friend

DashPass Pup campaign from DoorDash, photo provided by DoorDash
DashPass Pup campaign from DoorDash, photo provided by DoorDash /

Anyone who is a pup-parent appreciates that their furry companion is the center of their world. As seen with DashPass Pup from DoorDash, making sure that this special best friend has everything he needs is more important than ever. Luckily, all those items can be delivered at the push of a button.

In the past year, the neighborhood has become more than just knowing all the people and businesses that people walk pass every day. While that classic Sesame Street song might instantly come to mind, it is more than just being able to answer who are the people in your neighborhood. It is a community that supports each other.

DoorDash has been part of that support. From satisfying that craving for late night takeout to getting that gallon of forgotten milk, it is convenience combined with supporting local.

What is the DashPass Pup from DoorDash?

As part of a new creative campaign, DoorDash highlights its DashPass membership. As people return to the office and school, pup parents and their furry friends are feeling a little disconnected. Although four paws wouldn’t be placing that order, their parents can get that “special treat” delivered to make that welcome home even more enthusiastic.

As David Bornoff, DoorDash’s Head of Brand Marketing said, “From food and flowers to convenience and concerts DashPass is the best way to unlock access to all of the richness of your neighborhood and with our first-ever dedicated DashPass creative campaign we wanted to convey that with a DashPass membership you’re free to get as much as you want–because you can. Regardless of if it’s pampering your pets, stocking your home for your family, or simply treating yourself, you can have it all.”

To kick off this campaign, DoorDash has partnered with Busch Beer’s Busch Dog Brew. For the first time, the Busch Dog Brew “will be available direct to consumers for same-day delivery, exclusively for DashPass members.” The offer is available starting on September 13, for a limited time. 13 DashMarts will have this special offer available. To unlock this offer, enter DOGBREW at check where available. For more information on this offer and DashPass, please visit the company’s website.

Bornoff said, “We knew we wanted to extend the campaign into real-world benefits for our members so we brought the membership experience to life beyond the creative by launching a DashPass-exclusive of Busch Dog Brew, a first of many exclusive experiences to come designed uniquely for DashPass members.”

Since the campaign launch comes with such impressive visuals, pup parents, dog lovers and anyone who loves cuteness will respond to these creatives. Who can’t help but smile at the Basset Hound and his pack of Busch Dog Brew?

More importantly, the campaign should resonate beyond the cuteness level. That impression will serve as a reminder of the convenience of the DashPass. When a brand can make a connection beyond the deals, it can lead to consumers picking that app over the plethora of options on their smart device.

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What do you think of the DashPass Pup campaign from DoorDash? Does it entice you to place an order today?