Martha Stewart Kitchen makes her signature recipes more convenient

Martha Stewart Kitchen, photos provided by Martha Stewart Kitchen
Martha Stewart Kitchen, photos provided by Martha Stewart Kitchen /

While Martha Stewart might be the grand dame of the kitchen, the new line, Martha Stewart Kitchen, transforms her signature recipes into convenient meal solutions. Which dish will you enjoy first?

Many food lovers long to have that perfect Martha Stewart kitchen. While Stewart’s world is full of good things, sometimes the home cook doesn’t have the time to prepare the perfect meal from scratch. Although Stewart might not focus on those Tik Tok hacks, a few tricks in the kitchen can be the savior for that weeknight dinner.

The new Martha Stewart Kitchen is a culinary line from MSK Foods. With more than 40 offerings in this line, there is an entrée, appetizer or even dessert that will bring a taste of that good living to the table. And, maybe a bite of these food offerings can inspire home cooks to explore other recipes to pair with these dishes.

As Martha Stewart said, “We are proud to offer some of my favorite recipes, including appetizers for entertaining and easy dinner solutions. This line was developed to bring better quality, better tasting recipes into the marketplace, all at a great value for family consumption.”

According to Ken Venturi, CEO at MSK Foods, “The Martha Stewart Kitchen food platform is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, as there is no other brand that is more relevant to food and brings such quality, integrity and recognition into the grocery space.” With space in over 17 major retailers, the brand is on target to be “one of the largest and fastest-growing food launches in grocery history.”

Included in this line of appetizers, entrees and more are Tomato Tartlets, Martha’s Mother’s Mashed Potatoes with Cream Cheese, Sicilian-Style Beef Stew, and Peach & Apple Hand Pies. While this list is a small sampling, the approach is clear. These are dishes that might be too time consuming for a typical weeknight dinner.

While many families turn to their quick cooking methods, sometimes having a few options in the freezer is needed. Still, convenience shouldn’t compromise on flavor. When a brand can find that balance, it is a win for everyone.

As more chefs look to expand their profile, these frozen food options will become more prevalent. While many people long to enjoy a meal at a chef’s restaurant, this type of food offering brings the chef to the home. It is more than just watching cooking demos on the screen. This type of offering is a new way of bringing favorite chefs to the table.

The Martha Stewart Kitchen offerings will start appearing on store shelves with more offering appearing in 2022. Retailers include Walmart, Kroger, Publix and more.