Breakfast is getting cheesier thanks to Einstein Bros Bagels queso

Einstein Bros Bagels Queso, photo provided by Einstein Bros Bagels
Einstein Bros Bagels Queso, photo provided by Einstein Bros Bagels /

While many people think of chips and queso, Einstein Bros Bagels queso is taking that food conversation in a different direction. Ready to upgrade breakfast with some cheesy goodness?

For many people, their day starts with a bagel and shmear. Whether it is that irresistible everything bagel or a sweet offering like a classic cinnamon raisin, a fresh, chewy bagel is the tasty way to start the day.

Over the years, Einstein Bros Bagels has shown that bagels can take on a myriad of flavors. From traveling across the U.S. with localized favorites to even taking the gluten off the table for an egg-focused alternative, the restaurant brand is always looking ahead. Now, it is ready to get a little cheesy.

The Einstein Bros Bagels Queso is the newest menu innovation. While sliced cheese might make any egg sandwich better, no one had tackled the queso conversation. Doesn’t breakfast deserve an extra helping of cheesy goodness?

Chef Chad Thompson, Head of Culinary Innovation at Einstein Bros. Bagels, said, “Everyone loves queso, but until now, it has stayed off the breakfast table – for no good reason, Queso fans are going to love the pairing of our signature queso with a classic bacon and egg bagel sandwich, giving them plenty of options when they walk into an Einstein Bros. Bagels bakery.”

The new featured breakfast item is the Bacon & Queso Egg Sandwich. In addition to the queso, the sandwich includes “double-whipped Jalapeno Salsa Shmear and spicy green chiles.” Guests may choose the bagel flavor.

Looking at this new breakfast sandwich, the flavor is big and bold. The combination of the heat from the green chiles and Jalapeno Salsa Schmear is tamed by the luscious queso. The biggest concern with this new breakfast sandwich is making sure there are enough napkins on hand when eating it.

For people who prefer to skip the spice, there’s an Einstein Bros Bagel queso option for them, too. Queso can be added to any sandwich for just 75 cents. And, if you create your own special sandwich make sure to share that idea with others. It might start a new food trend.

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The Einstein Bros Bagels Queso as well as the Bacon & Queso Egg Sandwich is available at participating restaurants. For more information, please visit the restaurant brand’s website.

Does your breakfast need a little cheesy boost? What do you think of this queso offering?