Five burger and wine pairings that will have you skipping that beer

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for NYCWFF) /

While beers and burgers might be a backyard barbecue essential food pairing, burger and wine pairings offer a more sophisticated flavor experience. Recently, Allegra Angelo, Sommelier for Vinya, shared some suggestions on food and beverage pairings that will have many wine lovers taking another sip and discovering why burgers and wine are a delicious combination.

Although some wine drinkers like to stay within the lines, sophistication doesn’t have to be sipped with a snobby demeanor. Wine is meant to be enjoyed. Whether it is drunk with wagyu beef or a fast food burger, the idea is to enjoy a food and beverage pairing. Sticking a pinky out isn’t a requirement to drink wine.

Previously, some quick service restaurant brands have even considered this idea. For wine drinkers, that bottle isn’t limited to just a special occasion. A great bottle of wine is meant to be enjoyed, not collecting dust on a shelf.

What burger and wine pairings does the sommelier for Vinya recommend?

Mushroom Swiss Burger

The combination of mushrooms and Swiss cheese is a classic. While those fungi have a strong taste, the recommended wine pairing is a smoky pinot noir. Angelo recommends at Pinot Noir, Show of Hands by Fincher and Co. from Central Otago, New Zealand. The complexity of this wine can stand up to the robust flavors of the burger.

Impossible Burger

As plant-based food trends continue to fill people’s plates, it makes sense that some people will want to enjoy a glass of wine with that burger. Angelo has picked a white wine for this pairing, Cherry House White (Clairette blend) by Villa Creek from Paso Robles, California. This Rhone style wine has acidity on the first to balance the richness often associated with a burger.

Original McDonald’s Burger

While McDonald’s burger might not necessarily always be paired with wine, why can’t it be? For this wine pairing, Angelo recommends a rose. Since rose all day has become many people’s mantra, this pairing seems quite doable. One option is Rosé of Zweigelt and Sankt Laurent by Reinisch from Thermenregion, Austria.

The Baconator

Who doesn’t love those craveable Wendy’s burgers? Since bacon and zinfandel are a perfect match, consider a California Zinfandel like Romàn by Marietta Cellars from Sonoma, California. The well balanced zinfandel is perfection with that Wendy’s bacon.

Greek Lamb Burgers

While lamb burgers might not be on every menu, there is something so tempting about this flavor option. The contrast of the gamey lamb with a tzatziki needs a slightly tangy wine for the food and beverage pairing. Angelo recommends a Rioja. The earthy tones in the Rioja Reserva by Murua from Rioja, Spain is a great choice.

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These burger and wine pairings are just a few suggestions. Why not grill some burgers and open some wine bottles. The food enjoyment is just a sip away.