Perfect red wine pairings for Carl’s Jr Steakhouse burger

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Elevate that Carl’s Jr Steakhouse burger with these red wine pairings.

Who says that fast food can’t have delicious red wine pairings? The Carl’s Jr Steakhouse burger is the perfect choice to pair with some amazing Nocking Point Wines. Whether you prefer a bold cabernet sauvignon or a medium bodied Malbec, it is time to open a bottle and savor the good life.

Periodically, Nocking Point Wines have partnered with various companies to offer creative wine pairings. From Milano Cookies to now the Carl’s Jr Steakhouse burger, the pairings show how a variety of food choices can pair with approachable wines. Sometimes, the best part of a wine pairing is trying something new.

Since the Carl’s Jr Steakhouse burger brings a steakhouse style burger to the quick service restaurant space, this idea of pairing fast food with wine is quite fun. Why should that bottle of wine be saved for some special occasion. Wine is meant to be drunk, not sit in a wine fridge.

To give both wine lovers and Carl’s Jr fans an unique, tasty experience, Nocking Point has created a special pairing list. These wines complement the steakhouse flavors in the burger’s seasoning as well as play off the A1 Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce.

The three wines included in this collection include 2017 Amell-Bec Malbec, 2017 Turnaround Red and a 2016 Year VII Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Blend. These three wines offer different flavor approaches to the flavor pairings.

The Malbec is probably the most approachable for the occasional red wine drinker. The medium bodied red is subtle yet cuts through the richness of the bacon and steakhouse burger. The slightly fruity notes help to balance the sweetness without taking away from the savory qualities.

The 2017 Turnaround Red is brings a layered flavor component to the wine pairing experience. The peppery notes add nuance while the touch of oak complements the steakhouse flavors. This wine might be a good introduction to appreciating the bolder tannins in a red wine.

Lastly, the 2016 Year VII Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Blend is the boldest wine of the three. The blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah adds some nuance to the wine, but the stronger flavors are quite apparent. Think of this pairing like a wine with a traditional steak. This wine definitely stands up to the hearty burger.

The Carl’s Jr and Nocking Point Wine pairing box can be purchased online for $82. The kit comes with the wine and a gift card to purchase the Steakhouse burger from Carl’s Jr.

Even if you don’t have a Carl’s Jr near you, still consider buying these wines. Why not create your own burger pairing at home? You don’t have to save a great red wine for an elaborate dinner. Red wine pairings can be made with a variety of food choices.

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What are your favorite red wine pairings? Have you paired a great wine with fast food?