Ice cream wine pairings: Grab a glass and spoon now


Have an ice cream craving but are enjoying a glass of wine? With these ice cream wine pairings, you can have your perfect tasting combination.

Ice cream wine pairings are something that may not have crossed your mind. Sure, you love wine and you love ice cream. Why not combine them for a perfect flavor experience? Grab a glass, a spoon and get ready to try these flavor combinations.

Ice Cream wine pairings, photo provided by Baskin-Robbins

Pairing wine with certain foods is both science and art. A master sommelier can detect the subtle notes in thousands of different wines. Discovering how each flavor balances with other flavors takes a lot of experimentation. Still, you don’t need to be a wine expert to determine what flavors taste good with your favorite foods.

Over the years, various wine makers, restaurants and foodies have come up with creative wine pairings. From Girl Scout Cookies to tailgating food, wine can go with almost anything. One food hasn’t been pairing with wine until now.

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Ice cream wine pairings are here to kick off summer. Baskin-Robbins collaborated with Rosenthal – The Malibu Estate Wines to create eight wine and ice cream pairings. From light and fruity to bold and complex, here is a new flavor combination for every occasion.

The following wine pairings are recommended by Baskin-Robbins and Rosenthal- The Malibu Estate Wine.

"• Pinot Grigio or Grenache Blanc with Vanilla• Riesling or Gruner Veltliner with Pralines ‘n Cream• Rosé with Rainbow Sherbet• Pinot Noir with World Class Chocolate• Chardonnay with Old Fashioned Butter Pecan• Cabernet Sauvignon with Jamoca® Almond Fudge• Sauvignon Blanc or Albariño with Raspberry Sorbet• Merlot with Chocolate"

Looking at these wine pairing options, a few of them have piqued my interest. Frist, the pinot grigio and vanilla seems perfect for summer. The creamy, butter tastes of the vanilla is balanced by the green fruits in the wine. The crisp fruit can lighten the richness of the classic vanilla.

A second must try pairing would be the Cabernet Sauvignon with Jamoca Almond Fudge. Big, bold cabs often have strong coffee notes and pronounced tannins. The ice cream’s nuttiness can stand up to the full bodied cabernet. This pairing would be delightful after a hearty summer barbecue.

Lastly, the sauvignon blanc with raspberry sorbet is a nice, refreshing way to end a hot summer day. Sorbet is often a wonderful palate cleanser. The crisp wine is a perfect complement to the fruit frozen treat.

Truthfully, I would probably be happy to try any and all of these wine/ice cream pairings. More importantly, this idea has given me the inspiration to try some other pairings. Beer and cocktails could go well with ice cream, too. From Manhattans and margaritas to hoppy IPAs and dark stouts, ice cream can be enjoyed with almost any beverage. This summer is looking tasty.

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Would you try some ice cream wine pairings? If you do, share a picture with us and tag #FoodSided. Until then, cheers to the newest tasty summer pairing.