Favorite wine gifts for the wine lover on your list


Have a wine lover on your holiday shopping list? These favorite wine gifts can make even the pickiest oenophile happy.

From the crisp, citrus Pinot Gris to the robust, bold Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine lover often has a bottle or two ready to pour. Over the years, some of our favorite wine gifts combine the love of wine with either practically or humor.

While gifting your favorite bottle of wine to a wine lover might be an option, a single bottle of wine might be a little less creative. Why not pair that favorite bottle of wine with another wine gifts. These favorite wine gifts go from serious to funny. With a scrumptious bottle of wine to go with these favorite wine gifts, the wine lover will definitely be happy this holiday season.

Here are FoodSided’s favorite wine gifts.


Sometimes a wine needs to breathe. While some people prefer to decant a wine to allow its full flavor to be exposed, drinking an entire bottle isn’t always an option. The Aervana is an electric aerator that simplifies the whole aerating process.

Looking similar to a wine tap, users push a button to dispense the perfect amount of aerated wine every time. The wine’s sediment remains at the bottom of the bottle. The proprietary Aervana design allows a speedy oxidation of wine. No need to hold, pour over or spill a drop of wine.

Aervana retails for around $100 at various retailers including Amazon.

Tovolo bamboo wine table, photo from Tovolo

Tovolo Bamboo Wine Table

Enjoying a glass of wine isn’t limited to dinner or sitting on the couch. What about a picnic, day at the beach or an outdoor concert? With the Tovolo bamboo wine table, anyone can enjoy a glass of wine and a snack without having to worry about spillage.

The wine table holds two glasses of wine. Also, the bamboo wine table can be used as a cutting board. The Tovolo bamboo wine table retails for approximately $20.

Santa's Stocking Flask

Wine Wednesday got us like… http://amzn.to/2gCgACi

Posted by Amazon.com on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Everyone has probably seen the videos on Facebook. If you are looking for a funny wine related gift, Santa’s stocking flask is it. This large drink dispenser can make any holiday party a little more fun.

Basically, it is a large stocking that dispenses drinks. Who wouldn’t want to pour a glass of wine, or cocktail, from a holiday stocking? Plus, the stocking holds three bottles of wine.

Santa’s stocking flask is available on Amazon for $19.99.

More from FoodSided

Wine Markers by Wine glass marker

How do you ensure that no one touches your glass of wine at a party? Unless everyone has her own clearly identifiable wine glass, all glasses can look the same. Instead of using wine charms that could fall off, Wine Markers are a fun, entertaining way to mark your wine glass.

Sold in a set of five Wine Markers, this wine accessory lets everyone mark and express themselves on their wine glass. Most importantly, the marker washes off with soap and water or in the dishwasher.

Wine Markers by Wine Glass Marker are available on Amazon for $11.99.

Perfect hostess gift ideas that will get you invited back, photo by Cristine Struble

Popping Bottles by Architec

Sometimes opening a bottle of sparkling wine or champagne isn’t an easy task. Sure a master sommelier can slice off a cork with a sword. But, who has a sword ready in their house? Popping Bottles by Architec makes opening any sparkling wine bottle easy.
Simply press Popping Bottles onto a sparkling wine cork and then twist. No one has to worry about a cork hitting her in the eye or shooting across the room.
Architec’s Popping Bottles retails on Amazon from $17-$30 depending on the style.

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These items are FoodSides favorite wine gifts for the wine lover. Some are fun and some are serious. Do you have a favorite wine gift? Share you gift ideas below or tag us with #FoodSided.