Favorite stocking stuffer gift ideas for the foodie in the house


As the holiday quickly approaches, many people are scrambling for gift ideas. These favorite stocking stuffer gift ideas are perfect for any foodie.

Stocking stuffers can be a difficult gift to buy. People want something useful, yet fun. While lumps of coals don’t really happen, no one really wants a piece of fruit or a box of Lifesavers candy either. These stocking stuffer gift ideas will make Santa proud.

Favorite stocking stuffer gift ideas for the foodie in the house, photo Cristine Struble

Tervis Lit limited edition AR holiday tumbler

During the holiday season, everyone needs her own special glass. Tervis Tumbler has come up with a perfect holiday glass that will have everyone talking. While the holiday Tervis Lit limited edition AR holiday tumbler looks like a traditional tumbler, it has a special secret.

Using the Tervis AR app, this special holiday Tervis Tumbler is so much more. Watch over and over how the traditional Christmas tree gets super festive this holiday season.

The Tervis Lit limited edition AR holiday tumbler retails for $19.99.

Favorite stocking stuffer gift ideas, Rachael Ray spoon and ladle, photo from Meyer,

Rachael Ray set, lazy spoon and lazy ladle

When a spoon or ladle falls into the pot or pan, does it make you angry? Why make a stove or countertop a mess with spoons and ladles laying all around. The Rachael Ray two piece set, lazy spoon and lazy ladle are the solution. Made with a built in notch, the kitchen tools perch on the side of a pot, pan or dish. The kitchen tools are made from heat safe silicone, the set makes cooking more convenient and less messy. The set retails for approximately $19.99.

Microplane Classic Zester Grater

From the master chef to the newbie foodie, one of the most versatile kitchen tools is the Microplane classic zester grater. The classic kitchen tool does so many tasks. From grating cheese to adding fresh spices, the Microplane is used in both savory and sweet cooking. Anyone who enjoys cooking needs at least one Microplane in their kitchen tool drawer.

Favorite stocking stuffer gift ideas, Anolon culinary torch, photo from Meyer,

Culinary torch

While burning a meal might be bad, setting a dessert on fire can be fun. From crème brulee to flambé sauces, a little flame can be a thrill in the kitchen. Instead of lighter, a culinary torch, like the Anolon Food Prep Culinary Torch, is a better choice. The one touch ignitor keeps the flame going without having to hold down the button. It is easy to use and maneuver. With controlled, focused heat, anyone can impress friends with their culinary skills. Time to flambé.

Cooking with Booze

Can anyone have too many cookbooks? Cooking with Booze turns favorite libations into delicious treats. These recipes are relatively simple. No worrying about hundreds of steps or crazy ingredients. Each recipe is simple to follow and easy to make. Plus, the recipes use booze. If you have left over ingredients, you get to enjoy an extra cocktail.

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