Ultimate tailgating essentials: Eat, drink and cheer your team to victory


With football season in full swing, football fans are ready to tailgate. These ultimate tailgating essentials will keep everyone cheering during the festivities.

Part of the excitement about attending a football game is tailgating. Gathering with friends before the game for food and frivolity is an important part of the football game experience. Sometimes, the tailgate can even make a hard loss less devastating. The ultimate tailgating essentials can make you a tailgating legend.

Everyone has a preferred way to tailgate. Some teams have specific foods or drinks that are particular to that area. Others have a more general approach to the tailgating. No matter what you serve, where you’re tailgating or the final outcome, these ultimate tailgating essentials will make the tailgating experience even better.


One of the hardest things to do at a tailgate is to eat and drink standing up. Holding a cup and trying to eat is an almost impossible task. Even if you have tailgate friendly food, like brats, it can still be difficult to eat standing up. The iCup/iPlate can help solve this situation.

The iCup/iPlate is a perfect tailgating product. With just one hand, you can carry your plate, silverware and cup. Plus, the plate covers your drink, too. No table, no problem. With this simple, easy innovation, you can eat, drink and tailgate.
The iCup/iPlate comes in various sets. The 8-pack party combo is $21.99 online.


Coolers can be a divisive subject. Some people want the biggest possible cooler. Other people prefer a cooler with lots of gadgets. Personally, we have both the Coolest Cooler and the C3 Cooler.

First, the Coolest Cooler has had a hard time. Their kickstarter campaign was a mess. But, the cooler is actually a good product. This cooler has ample space, a built in blender, wireless speakers, and serveware. Basically, the cooler is everything that you need for an amazing tailgate. The Coolest Cooler retails for around $399

If you want to make friends at a tailgate, the C3 Custom Coolers are the roving party. These RC coolers are remote controlled. Available in your favorite team’s colors, these coolers are like remote controlled cars. Think another tailgate party has some awesome food? Drive your cooler over and introduce yourself. The C3 Coolers retailer $369.99

Ultimate tailgating essentials, photo by Cristine Struble

Portable Grill

Grilling can be a huge part of a tailgate. But, hot coals can be a problem. The Gourmia portable grill is a great solution. The Gourmia Pro Smart Smokeless BBQ Portable Charcoal Grill is a simple solution to a grill situation. With almost 12 inches of grilling space, this battery operated grill is perfect for a tailgate. It is easy to use and clean. While you might not feed an entire team, you can have serve a good amount of food. The Gourmia Pro Smart Smokeless BBQ Portable Charcoal Grill retails for approximately $149.99.

Bottle opener

Sometimes opening a bottle, even a water bottle can be a difficult task. Why not make it simpler with Architec’s Poppin’ Lids. Poppin’ Lids can open a variety of bottles. From bottle caps to that stubborn water bottle, this simple device can be a lifesaver. Store one in your cooler, food bag or even your car for a bottle opening situation.

Tailgating chair

At some point and time, you are going to want to sit. Since you’re not a kid, sitting on the ground doesn’t sound too appealing. A good tailgating chair is a great idea.

Collapsible chair, like a bag chair, is a great choice. Many companies offer these type of chairs. But, the Picnic Time Fusion Tailgating Chair is the ultimate tailgating chair. With a wide seat, foldable table and detachable cooler, this tailgating chair will be your ultimate throne. It retails for approximately $100 on Amazon.

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Are you ready for some tailgating? With this ultimate tailgating essentials list, you will have a winning football season.