Cinnabon Rewards entice another order of those irresistible cinnamon buns

Cinnabon rewards, photo provided by Cinnabon
Cinnabon rewards, photo provided by Cinnabon /

When a food craving calls, it needs to be satisfied. With the new Cinnabon Rewards and Cinnabon app, ordering those delicious cinnamon buns is even easier. There is no reason to resist those sweet treats.

Restaurant reward programs and apps have become the standard. From the convenience of ordering on a device to feeling valued by a brand, guests want to satisfy that food craving at the push of a button.

Although food cravings call, consumers need a reason to give into that sweet temptation. The lure of a bonus for letting that will-power slip can be the reason to order again and again. As each point increases the total, the award of a free treat keeps people coming back for more.

The new Cinnabon Rewards and Cinnabon app give guests everything that they want. From ease of ordering to special offers, the new program is a win for everyone.

Cinnabon rewards program
Cinnabon rewards program and app, photo provided by Cinnabon /

As Kendall Ware, Chief Brand Officer, Cinnabon, said “The new Cinnabon app, Cinnabon Rewards program and online ordering is just the latest way we’re meeting fans where they are – making their favorite treats more accessible than ever.” That accessibility is more than just the connection to the smart device.

In addition, the brand appreciates that it needs to be more than just those mall bakeries with the enticing aroma. Cinnabon has expanded via “food delivery, e-commerce partnerships, streetside bakeries and grocery products.” While that iconic scent might bring a whiff of childhood nostalgia, the reality is that the brand appreciates that it needs to evolve beyond its past. By keeping the brand in the forefront of people’s minds, the reality is that people will keep coming back for more.

As part of the Cinnabon Rewards launch, guests can receive an offer for a 4-count of BonBites. This sign-up offer is just one of the many treats that will appear in the account. For example, users will receive a small Cold Brew for their birthday.

According to the brand, guests will receive 10 points per dollar spent. When 250 points are reached, the total can be redeemed for a “Classic Roll, Mini Bon or BonBites.” Although menu prices may vary, it is basically seven cinnamon bun purchases to receive a free offer.

These type of reward programs will continue to expand. Even though the smart device screen might become crowded, the reality is that people want more for their money spent. There is value for both the brand and consumer for fostering that purchase loyalty.

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What is your favorite restaurant brand app and loyalty program? Do these programs make a difference in the food that you order?