Hop Valley Brewing shrinks itself for its latest tiny offering

Hop Valley Brewing, photo provided by Hop Valley Brewery
Hop Valley Brewing, photo provided by Hop Valley Brewery /

While Zoolander fans might appreciate that wetness might be the essence of beauty, a great beer is a perfect way to toast a stunning looks. In honor of the 20th anniversary of Zoolander, Hop Valley Brewing choose to recreate its brewery in impeccable details, but smaller. Even if there are a few left turns down those walkways, the ant visitors will be scurrying to the end of the line.

Sometimes beer brands find creative ways to incorporate pop culture. With the latest offering from Hop Valley Brewing, it takes a famous scene from Zoolander and brings it to life. Are you ready for a brewery for ants?

Although some people might be too cool for school, there is one scene in Zoolander that has been quoted time and again. If you do not remember it, here is the clip.

Now, Hop Valley has taken that idea and put a malty twist on it. The brewery for ants is a fun promotion. Granted, there are no ants running around this miniature brewery, but it does make for a great visual. And, maybe this idea could spark a new beer trend. Doesn’t everyone need a replica brewery for the man cave? Why not dream of a brewery that is three times bigger than this small version?

For beer drinkers who want to have this special brewery and corresponding beer fridge, the contest is open through October 1. For more information, please visit the brewery’s contest page.

Hop Valley Brewing Orange Mocha Stashacinno
Hop Valley Brewing Orange Mocha Stashacinno, photo provided by Hop Valley Brewing /

And, if all this talking has left you parched, Hop Valley Brewing has a special beer to help quench that thirst. The Orange Mocha Stashaccino is available exclusively at the brewery in Oregon. And, if you haven’t guessed, it is another Zoolander reference.

Given that Hop Valley is known for its intense hoppiness and bold aroma, this beer begs people to take notice. The orange flavor should work well with the hoppy characteristics of this brewery.

While there might be more to life than being ridiculously good looking, the reality is that sometimes it pays not to take yourself too seriously. Ready to find out what else is out there? Why not ponder that question over a Hop Valley Brewing beer.