Universal Studios Hollywood feasts on a scrumptiously scary Halloween menu

Food Items from the Little Cocina from Halloween Horror Nights 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo provided by Universal Hollywood
Food Items from the Little Cocina from Halloween Horror Nights 2021 at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photo provided by Universal Hollywood /

While the frights might be lurking at every turn in the haunted houses, the Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween menu 2021 has a feast worthy of any haunted dining room. From Texas barbecue to a culinary adventure, the food and cocktails might help soothe the soul from all the scary sights from Halloween Horror Nights.

Over the past several years, theme parks have learned that themed food is vital to the overall guest experience. It is more than just another churro or burger. The culinary creativity, in both theme and flavor, needs to be captured in every bite.

For this year’s Halloween Horror Nights celebration at Universal Studios Hollywood, the Halloween menu is both frightful and delightful. While the imagery might have some people doing a double take, the flavors will have them digging in for another taste.

Borrowing from one of the haunted houses, the Roadhouse BBQ is a spot where Leatherface would be happy to sit a spell. The BBQ menu features many traditional favorites, but the Texas Chili and Cheese Nachos are a great choice. From the smoked meat to the pickled jalapenos, the juxtaposition of flavors is delightful.

Also, don’t forget to enjoy the “funnel fingers.” While that fried dough might be a little bloody, it will leave you licking your lips for more.

A visually stunning offering for this year’s event is the menu at Plaza de los Muertos. While sugar skulls might not be on the menu, the bold flavors of these Hispanic inspired dishes are a must try. From the Chamoy Pineapple Spears to the Beef Birria Tacos, everyone will be saying a thank you to those classic dishes.

And, the Little Cocina has a few cocktails to toast the occasion. From a Smoked Margarita to The Chamoy Fireball, these cocktails are a smashing success. Kudos to Universal Studios Hollywood for highlighting chamoy in many of its offerings.

These food offerings are just a small sampling of items available during the spooky season. From Duff Beer’s nod to Oktoberfest to Jurassic Park’s homage to the experimental food offerings, there is a treat to satisfy every craving.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood runs on select nights through October 31. Advanced purchased tickets for separately ticketed event are encouraged. For specific health and safety protocols, please visit the theme park’s website.

Do you have a haunting hunger that needs to be satisfied? Which food items linger in the depths of your mind?

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