Universal Orlando Jurassic desserts offer a new era of deliciousness

Universal Orlando Jurassic desserts, photos by Cristine Struble
Universal Orlando Jurassic desserts, photos by Cristine Struble /

After riding the Jurassic World Velocicoaster, the Universal Orlando Jurassic desserts are the sweetest way to celebrate. Although indulging in a few of the treats prior to those top hat and barrel roll maneuvers might not be for the faint of heart, the truth is that these tasty treats will leave a memorable impression.

Recently, Universal Orlando chefs have brought numerous food options to the table. From this year’s expansion of the Mardi Gras event with 100s of food and beverage offerings to the treats in the Tribute Store, the food offerings are exciting guests as much as all the thrill rides.

As part of the Velocicoaster opening celebration, the Universal Orlando chefs have created a variety of Jurassic desserts that will have many people wanting to eat dessert first, second and last. While will power can be a good thing, the reality is that calories never count when you are visiting a theme park.

Which Universal Orlando Jurassic desserts should you try first?

When a theme park appreciates its true fans, it endears itself to everyone even more. For people who have watched the Velocicoaster take shape over the Islands of Adventure lagoon, that “churro stand” was well worth the wait. With two of its Jurassic desserts, Universal Orlando chefs play into that joke.

Within Islands of Adventure, the blue churro is a sweet, yet playful treat. While the “Blue” reference is clear, the popping candy on the churro makes eating this treat delightful. The combination of slightly fruity, sweet and tart makes it a favorite with all ages.

Just don’t ask to share. Everyone will want their own churro.

The churro treats aren’t limited to the theme park. At Voodoo Doughnut, the churro stand doughnut is a rich dessert. The yeast, cinnamon sugar doughnut is filled with dulce de leche.

The dulce de leche is luscious and the perfect complement to the fluffy doughnut. Although many people will enjoy one straight from that pink box, it is even more enjoyable with an iced coffee or a big glass of milk.

The Tribute Store serves the most impressive Jurassic desserts.

Recently, the Tribute Store has taken on various themes and the currently available Jurassic desserts are a must try. Having seen many guests love the gummy themed treats, the chefs have created a visually perfect nod to the Jurassic franchise with the Amber egg.

Featuring flavors of mango and pineapple, the gummy has an “insect” encased inside, just like the movie poster that everyone has come to love. Although the visual has everyone talking, the dessert is not just for the foodie adventurous. That little insect is just edible paper. No one has to step too far outside of their comfort zone.

The can’t miss Jurassic dessert at the Tribute Store is Jurassic World Dig in a Jar. A play on a “dirt dessert,” moist chocolate cake has a crumbly texture which is layered between chocolate icing. Studded throughout are little “dinosaur” bones.

If you do buy the Jurassic World Dig in a Jar, it might be best to share this dessert with a friend. It is rich, creamy and chocolate extreme. Finishing it all can be quite difficult.

The Tribute Store has a wide variety of desserts. From s’mores to candy apples to whoopie pies, there is treat that will satisfy any and every craving. And, don’t miss the gigantic chocolate dinosaur eggs. Cracking into one of those is quite satisfying.

The Jurassic desserts are located at select location within Universal Orlando Resort. Check the theme park app for locations, menus and ordering options.

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What is your favorite Universal Orlando dessert or treat? Do you always have the same food or do you prefer to try something new on every visit?