Tastiest Universal Orlando holiday treats make for a merry holiday season

The holiday season is here, and Universal Orlando holiday treats are delicious.

When it comes to merry and mischief, the Universal Orlando holiday treats are a must try. From classic holiday flavors to twists on holiday favorites, the chefs at Universal Orlando have created a menu that will make you smile with delight. Even the Grinch has approved of these tasty treats.

Holidays events at theme parks always bring the merry. From festive holiday decorations to special events to holiday treats, everyone can’t help but be excited for all the holiday activities.

Although this year’s holiday events have been modified a little, the Universal Orlando holiday treats deliver all the holiday flavors that people want this holiday season. From classic gingerbread flavors to even a vegan dessert, there is a tempting sweet treat for everyone on Santa’s nice list.

Here are some of FoodSided’s recommendations for the tastiest Universal Orlando holiday treats.

Universal Orlando holiday treats

Universal Orlando Holidays 2020, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Hot Chocolate Bomb

This year, hot chocolate bombs are all the rage. The Universal Orlando chefs have created the ultimate hot chocolate treat. This hot chocolate bomb ornament combines Italian hot chocolate with a white chocolate ornament that melts to reveal mini marshmallows.

The Hot Chocolate Bomb is available at the all-new Holiday Tribute Store.

Chocolate Peppermint Mousse Ornament

If you are looking for the picture perfect dessert, this sweet treat captures the classic flavors of the season. While you might not want to break into that pretty ornament, one bite will make you happy that you did.

The Chocolate Peppermint Mousse Ornament is available at the Today Café and Holiday Tribute Store.

Reindeer brownies on the Universal Orlando Holiday treats menu

Universal Orlando Holidays 2020, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Reindeer Brownie

As Universal Orlando has shown, it knows how to create delicious vegan dishes and this Reindeer Brownie is a must try, even for the non-vegans. The chocolate and candy cane holiday-themed brownie is available at both Croissant Moon Bakery, (Universal’s Islands of Adventure) and at the Holiday Tribute Store (Universal Studios Florida.)

Gingerbread Shake

While some coffee shops might not have skipped gingerbread, Universal Orlando holiday treats are celebrating the classic flavor. The outrageous holiday shake combines gingerbread and chocolate. Even though you might want to eat the whole gingerbread shake by yourself, it is ok to share with a friend.

The Gingerbread Shake is available at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen.

Thanksgiving dinner crepe at Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Holidays 2020, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Thanksgiving Dinner Crepe

If you haven’t tried the menu at Central Park Crepes, this Thanksgiving dinner mash-up is a must try. All the traditional Thanksgiving foods are combined into that crepe. Turkey, stuffing, cornbread croutons, cranberries and gravy come together in one satisfying bite.

Central Park Crepes is located in Central Park at Universal Studios Florida.

These Universal Orlando holiday treats are just a few of the many options available in the Universal Orlando theme parks and Universal Orlando City Walk during the holiday celebration.

Universal Orlando will be celebrating the holiday season now through January 3, 2021.


What is your favorite theme park holiday food?