Are you ready to sign the Velveeta Queso Contract?

Velveeta + LSU Kicker Cade York with the Queso Contract, photo provided by Velveeta
Velveeta + LSU Kicker Cade York with the Queso Contract, photo provided by Velveeta /

For many football fans, chips and queso is the perfect snack combination and the Velveeta Queso Contract could be the biggest score of the season. It is time to put some points on the board and enjoy more melty queso goodness.

Recently, the NCAA changed its rules on college athletes and endorsements. Now, those student athletes can leverage their achievements with brands.

From restaurant deals to other endorsements, these athletes are proving hard work can reap big rewards. These types of partnerships show how influential colleges and their athletes can be. As any strong alumni program understands, those cheers from students and graduates keep the bond going long after the diploma is hung on the wall.

Velveeta has just signed Cade York, who is considered a top college football kicker to the Velveeta Queso Contract. While Cade reaps the rewards of all that golden cheesy goodness, everyone has an opportunity to earn prizes, too.

According to the brand, “anytime Cade attempts a 50+ yard field goal during a game, one lucky fan who has co-signed the “Queso Contract” will win their own Queso Grande.” In addition to the big prize, there will be several Queso Pequeno prizes.

For those craving some cheesy goodness, the Queso Grande includes “12 loafs of Velveeta, 12 cans of Rotel, a custom Queso Grande bowl, and a Queso Cade Jersey.” While this prize package does not guarantee another big win, it could be the good luck charm for the season. Many football fans subscribe to the idea that certain food rituals can change the outcome of the game. It might not be the rally cap, but it can be more fun to eat away those nerves as the clock ticks down.

To sign up for the Velveeta Queso Contract, fans can visit the brand’s website for more information.

What is your favorite football food snack? Do you always serve queso during the game?