Panera gives parents the coffee Jump Start Jug that they need

Panera Coffee Jump Start Jug, photo provided by Panera
Panera Coffee Jump Start Jug, photo provided by Panera /

Ask parents about mornings and the response might not be filled with sunshine and rainbows. From morning meltdowns to longing for more sleep, that morning routine can require a caffeine boost. On National Coffee Day, Panera has the must have parental accessory, the coffee Jump Start Jug.

According to a recent Panera survey, “one in 10 parents are drinking more than four cups of coffee on an average day.” While the size of that cup is not specified, the reality is that four cups of coffee can be a lot of caffeine. Whether drunk at the start of the day, throughout the day or the afternoon push to make it till dinner, the reality is that coffee is always within reach.

In honor of National Coffee Day, Panera is giving parents what they want (and maybe need) most, more coffee. At restaurants and via drive-through, Panera is giving away free unlimited coffee on National Coffee Day, September 29.

According to Panera, guests just need to say that they are a parent or caregiver to receive the free coffee. While no one should take advantage of this offer, the reality is that everyone is a caregiver, even a caregiver to yourself. Basically, everyone can get free coffee on September 29.

Since Panera is known for its unlimited coffee subscription, it is making it easier for keep a large amount of coffee within arm’s reach. Just like those oversized water bottles that are popular on social media, the brand has created the coffee Jump Start Jug.

While this coffee Jump Start Jug is best enjoyed with iced coffee, it is a fun way to add a little humor to the day. With thoughtful “sip statements” printed on the bottle, parents might be able to relate to this morning moments. From the carpool crawl to the afternoon activity taxi, the daily grind might be a little less tedious. But, this coffee cup might not fit in the car cup holder.

And, if you aren’t a parent, some of the statements apply, too. Who hasn’t had a moment when they can’t find their keys in the morning or longs for a little me time at the end of the day. The Panera Jump Start Jug is available online. There are limited quantities available of the free jug.

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Whether you drink one cup of coffee or a gallon on a daily basis, Panera has everyone covered both on National Coffee Day and beyond. For coffee drinkers, the $8.99 coffee subscription might be their best money spent each month.

How much coffee do you drink a day? What is your coffee routine?