RXBAR Snickerdoodle is the sweetest holiday flavor gift

RXBAR Snickerdoodle, photo provided by RXBAR
RXBAR Snickerdoodle, photo provided by RXBAR /

While fall might have just started, the holiday season is just around the corner. From favorite dishes to food traditions, those chilly days bring cravings for comforting flavors. The new RXBAR Snickerdoodle will not only satisfy that cookie craving, but it might be the sweetest part of the holiday season.

RXBAR has been a leader in the whole snack market. By putting all its ingredients front and center on its label, the brand proves that simplicity can create the best flavors. Instead filling its product with words that can’t be pronounced, the brand appreciates that real food is the best flavor source. Sometimes the easiest choice is the one right in front of everyone’s eyes.

Over the years, certain RXBAR flavors have quickly become favorites. While the brand has several core, year-round flavors, many people look forward to the seasonal offerings. Just like a gift under the tree, those seasonal favorites are waiting to be unwrapped.

This holiday season, RXBAR is offering several limited-edition flavors. Returning favorites include Gingerbread, Pecan and Pumpkin spice. While many people will be rushing to stock up on these favorites, the newest flavor is a solution to those holiday cookie cravings.

Jenny Lindquist, Director of Experience Planning, RXBAR, said “Fans always look forward to our limited-edition holiday flavors, and we wanted to give them a little something extra to celebrate the season this year. That’s why we launched new RXBAR Snickerdoodle – to add something new and exciting to our cozy holiday line-up while bringing back the nostalgic flavors we all know and love.”

Adding Snickerdoodle is an interesting choice for RXBAR. While cookies are a holiday staple, many people are looking for a healthy eating alternative. Even though Santa might be able to eat copious amounts of cookies on his journey, others might prefer to keep that cookie count in check.

At the same time, that cookie craving is real. The holidays are about enjoying favorite flavors and celebrating the moment. The RXBAR Snickerdoodle offers that balance that many people want.

While this new flavor has many people excited, there is a small caveat to the announcement. The Snickerdoodle flavor is only available at Trader Joe’s and on the brand’s website. For anyone who lives for those Fearless Flyer deals, this special offering is another reason to shop at Trader Joe’s.

Are you excited for this new RXBAR flavor? What other flavors would you like the brand to add?

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