7 cooking apps that will solve the nightly dinner dilemma

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Whether it is National Cooking Day or just the nightly dinner dilemma, these cooking apps can turn that moment of there’s nothing to eat into a plate full of deliciousness. Sometimes the tastiest bite can be discovered with just one more click.

For many people, that smart device is constantly in the hands. From social media scrolling to momentary diversions from the daily grind, those screens capture people’s attention. While some home cooks lovingly care for the tried and true paper cookbooks, others prefer the ease of clicking their way to another innovative food experience.

With so many cooking apps available, the folder can be overflowing with options. From magazine based offerings to huge media brands, it might seem that everyone has an app for that particular food genre. While variety is the spice of life, it can get a little overwhelming.

When picking which cooking apps deserve prime space on the screen, consider how and why they are being used. If you do not follow a plant-based lifestyle, that niche app might not be necessary. Or, if you are just starting a cooking journey, the highly elevated recipes might be too complicated. Like many smart decisions, it is best to think before blindly clicking.

Here are 7 cooking apps that FoodSided turns to time and again.


Who isn’t captivated by those Tasty videos? This app has over 3,000 recipes. Choose to filter by ingredients, cuisine or even special occasion, there is a great dish waiting to be discovered.


Tastemade has become a force in the food television world. With its app, it borrows some themes from its popular programs. From budget meals to thinking beyond the plate, Tastemade is instantly engaging. This app does require a subscription.

Food Network Kitchen

Who doesn’t turn to Food Network for culinary inspiration? On its app, there are exclusive Food Network chef recipes, grocery delivery options and more.


From grocery shopping to curating favorite recipes, Yummly makes quick work of meal planning. This app streamlines the whole process.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Need some support from real home cooks? All of these recipes come from the home kitchen. This cooking app proves that anyone can conqueror the kitchen.

Easy Recipes

Sometimes the best ideas are simple ones. With Easy Recipes, the idea is a dish that anyone can master. Skip the tweezers and go back to the dishes that just taste great.

Forks Plant-Based Recipes

As more and more people look to add plant-based food options to the weekly menu, this cooking app focuses on the flavor in each dish. With easy instructions, it makes incorporating plant-based recipes into the meal planning process doable.

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What cooking apps have become your kitchen essential? Have cooking apps replaced cookbooks in your world?