New Casey’s breakfast menu features the ultimate portable breakfast

Caseys Breakfast items, photo provided by Caseys
Caseys Breakfast items, photo provided by Caseys /

Have you tried the new Casey’s breakfast menu? While many people are obsessed with the brand’s breakfast pizzas, the new breakfast food offerings borrow from the flavors that people love. Ready to grab a bite, sip on some fresh coffee and upgrade that morning routine?

From school days to busy weekends, breakfast isn’t necessarily leisurely experience. While the majority of respondents say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, the reality is that “nearly three-quarters of Americans whip up their breakfast in a matter of minutes” (per Casey’s). Having convenient, grab and go options can streamline any morning routine.

With the new Casey’s breakfast menu, the brand looked to give consumers what they want, simple solutions that never compromise on taste. Whether it is the hearty breakfast that will keep everyone satisfied till lunch or a cup of coffee that clears the mind from the morning fog, seamlessly fitting into that morning routine is key to the brand’s success.

Michelle Wickham, vice president of prepared food at Casey’s, said, “Our goal with the new lineup is to make our guests’ days better with fresh coffee and a warm, delicious breakfast that fits easily into their morning routine.” That sentiment is clear with its signature handheld.

Made from Casey’s signature made-from-scratch dough, the handheld is baked fresh in their kitchens. The eggs, sausage or bacon is combined with cheese and wrapped in that delicious dough, which has made Casey’s pizza one of the best in the nation. With one hand on breakfast and one hand holding the coffee, the day is offer to a great start.

Offering a handheld option is smart for Casey’s. With more people grabbing a bite on the go, portability is key. But, no one wants to compromise on taste. Using their signature dough to wrap up all that fresh food deliciousness is the bite that the loyal Casey’s customer knows will be a great way to start the day.

In addition to the signature handheld, Casey’s breakfast menu includes a loaded breakfast burrito and a loaded breakfast bowl. These two breakfast menu items are a heartier option to start the day.

Since many people long for that first sip of coffee to start the say, the bean-to-cup coffee is that warm, satisfying beverage. With six different flavors on the menu and the on-the-demand brewing process, Casey’s knows that fresh coffee is what consumers crave.

With the new Casey’s breakfast menu, the brand delivers on its promise to make morning better every time. Even if the day starts with tired children and the promise of one too many work meetings, this breakfast menu is a bright spot that everyone can appreciate.

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