Why haven’t you discovered this popular pizza chain?

Casey's homemade pizza, photo provided by Casey's General Stores
Casey's homemade pizza, photo provided by Casey's General Stores /

Do you know the fifth largest pizza chain? You might drive pass it every day.

Some of the best pizza is hiding in plain view. The fifth largest pizza chain might not be the pizza place that most people expect. At the same time, many people have driven past a location or even visit the location often. Have you guessed this popular pizza place?

Casey’s General Store is the fifth largest pizza chain in the United States. With 2,200 locations across 16 states, this pizza has a huge cult following. If you have ever wondered why a fill-up and a pizza was a Friday night tradition, Casey’s General Store pizza is the reason.

Sometimes people can be wary of gas station food. There have been plenty of jokes about a variety of food choices. But, Casey’s isn’t gas station pizza. The idea of a frozen pizza continually re-heated on that tray under the incubator light is not  this pie.

One of the reasons why Casey’s pizza is better is because it focuses on ingredients. Casey’s team members make dough from scratch each morning. As anyone who enjoy food knows, fresh is always better.


Additionally, its other ingredients focus on freshness, too. From locally sourced meats to vegetables, much thought is given to each pizza ingredient.

For many people, the best part of a Casey’s pizza is the cheese. If you love a cheesy pizza, Casey’s ensures that the pizza is smothered in its 100 percent whole mozzarella cheese. It is more like a double or triple cheese pizza.

While many people grab a Casey’s pizza at their local store, those tasty pizzas can be ordered online and delivered via DoorDash. Sometimes convenience extends beyond the gas pump.

Isn’t it time for you to discover the fifth largest pizza chain in the U.S.? With 75 million pizza slices and 25 million whole pizzas sold a year, these homemade pizzas are definitely worth trying.

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What is your favorite pizza? Do you always order from the same pizza restaurant?