Papa Murphy’s wants you to ditch the frozen pizza for good

New Papa Murphy's promo, photo provided by Papa John's
New Papa Murphy's promo, photo provided by Papa John's /

Say goodbye to that frozen pizza and hello to Papa Murphy’s fresh ingredients.

Papa Murphy’s has a simple question, when was the last time you cleaned out your freezer? Everyone has been there. Hidden in the back corner, covered in ice, a rock hard brick lies. Is it a pizza or some science experiment food?

Recently, Papa Murphy’s commissioned a pizza survey. The findings showed that “about one-third admit they’ve found a mystery disc in their freezer that they either didn’t know how old it was, forgot they had it, didn’t remember buying it or didn’t know where it came from.” While it is good to know that people are not alone in the freezer mystery, there needs to be a better way.

Although that frozen pizza might be there for emergency purposes, Papa Murphy’s wants to offer a change. Don’t fresh ingredients just taste better?

“Consumers consider frozen pizza a meal of last resort, and that’s why so many sit in freezers forever,” said Kim McBee, Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Papa Murphy’s. “Pizza lovers deserve better and, frankly, so does pizza. With the Search for America’s Oldest Frozen Pizza, we’re hoping to remind people that there is a better way to pizza – fresh from Papa Murphy’s.”

The promotion is simple. People are asked to clean out that freezer and show their submission for the Search for America’s Oldest Frozen Pizza. Whether you can tell that the pizza was cheese, pepperoni, thin crust or hand-tossed doesn’t matter. Actually, the least identifiable the better.

Anyone who wants to participate in this promotion can share that “pizza” with Papa Murphy’s on Twitter, using #pizzaexchange and #sweepstakes. You do have to show the expiration date, not just the pizza. Three winners will get pizza for a year.

It will be curious to see how old some pizzas will be. While a year plus seems likely, let’s hope that no one has a pizza that is more than a decade old. Unlike wine, frozen pizza does not age well.

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