Recreating the iconic Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza recipe is easy

Stouffer's shares its iconic French Bread Pizza recipe, photo provided by Stouffer's
Stouffer's shares its iconic French Bread Pizza recipe, photo provided by Stouffer's /

Pizza night is becoming more interactive. The iconic Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza recipe has been revealed and homemade pizza is even tastier.

For many people pizza is the ultimate comfort food. As more restaurants and brands reveal some iconic recipes, the Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza recipe could change family pizza night. While many people have created their own versions of a French Bread Pizza, there is a little secret that makes the Stouffer’s version just so tasty. Ready for some pizza making?

Making pizza at home can be a fun family activity. Although there is convenience of ordering in or just heating in an oven, creating your own pizza from scratch makes pizza night more of an event.

Pizza can be made from a variety of crusts. From homemade to store bought and from traditional to plant based, the options are many. The best part of making pizza is the ability to customize it however you want. Whether it is crust, toppings or the copious amount of cheese, everyone has a favorite way to enjoy pizza.

Still, there are certain foods, especially pizzas, that are iconic. One of those items is Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza. There is something tasty about the French bread, sauce and cheese that can make anyone crave a plate full of carbs. From the crisp, crunch of the bread to the melted cheese, every bite is simply satisfying.

Recently, Stouffer’s revealed its iconic recipe to this classic comfort food. Although the recipe is rather straight forward, “Country French Bread, pizza sauce, Low-Moisture Part-Skim Mozzarella Cheese, shredded, and pepperoni” (cut in quarters, of course), one additional ingredient is quite interesting. The recipe uses 1/8 teaspoon of fennel.

The dried fennel is sprinkled on top of the pizza sauce prior to baking. While fennel is common in Italian cooking, the anise flavored spice adds a little extra flavor to a pizza sauce.

Although some people might not be able to pick out that flavor, it is that taste which makes this recipe just a little different. It isn’t overpowering, but it is a nice touch of extra flavor.

Truthfully, you can customize the Stouffer’s French Bread recipe however you choose. From some extra veggies to even sausage, the options are many. If you add more toppings, the pizza will have to bake longer.

For the next pizza night, why not turn the kitchen into your own pizzeria. Whether you choose to make the iconic Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza recipe or your own creation, a freshly made pizza is always a tasty choice.

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What are your favorite pizza toppings? Do you have a trick to making tasty pizza at home?