Tasty summer recipes that celebrate the summer’s best ingredients

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Don’t let summer fade without enjoying these tasty summer recipes.

Looking for tasty summer recipes? While the summer’s best ingredients might be filled with the bounty of summer produce, those ingredients will be gone before you know it. Luckily there are many recipes to discover before the dog days of summer fade away.

During the summer, the warm weather often dictates what and how people eat. From not wanting to turn on the stove to finding the easiest of recipes, there are a multitude of options on the table. Still, a few tips and tricks can make a big difference.

For foodies, cookbooks are often the greatest resource for cooking inspiration. America’s Test Kitchen is one of the cooking authorities that foodies trust. Beyond the tasty summer recipes, America’s Test Kitchen shares cooking techniques, tools and facts that can make even the novice cook have great confidence in the kitchen.

The Complete Summer Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen has 500 summer recipes that highlight the best of summer’s bounty. While the recipes are the star of the cookbook, the interesting tips, tricks and cooking hacks will make anyone become a better cook.

For example, before discussing any summer recipes, the cookbook discusses 10 Test Kitchen Tips for Summertime Cooking and Eating. While some of these ideas are relatively straightforward (eat more fruits and vegetables), other ideas are smart food choices. From taking cooking outside to embracing the idea of canning, there are many concepts that can make anyone a better cook.

More importantly, every recipe in this cookbook has a section that explains why this recipe works. That explanation leads cooks to be better. Understanding the hows and whys behind a dish ensures a successful plate of food.

Thinking about the tasty summer recipes in this cookbook, some of the best ideas stem from classic foods with a modern twist. For example, a roasted tomatillo salsa brings a little twist to everyone’s favorite salsa without pushing the flavor combinations too far adventurous.

Also, another idea, Brined Grilled Zucchini with Mint Salsa Verde is a great way to use all that zucchini from the garden. Also, the mint salsa verde is bright and refreshing on a hot summer day.

The key to all these tasty summer recipes is to not only play off the fresh summer ingredients but to incorporate flavors that are cooling on a hot day. From flavorful salads that are hearty without being heavy to refreshing desserts that end a meal on a sweet note, this cookbook will be your summertime reference.

And, even when summer fades, you can still use all the tips, tricks and recipes to bring a taste of summer to the table. Just because the dark days of winter might take over, some of those trips for making the perfect pie crust will make those holiday pies taste even better.

The Complete Summer Cookbook: Beat the Heat with 500 Recipes that Make the Most of Summer’s Bounty by America’s Test Kitchen. is available on Amazon as well as other retailers.

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