Pizza Planet Pizzas are the perfect way to celebrate National Pizza Party Day

Disney & Toy Story celebrate National Pizza Day, photo provided by Disney
Disney & Toy Story celebrate National Pizza Day, photo provided by Disney /

Are you ready for National Pizza Party Day? These Pizza Planet Pizzas bring a slice of the iconic Toy Story movie to your kitchen.

Have you ever wondered what Pizza Planet Pizzas taste like? While Pizza Planet has appeared in every Pixar movie (except The Incredibles) and Disneyland has a version of the pizza restaurant, Disney fans are looking to recreate some out of this world pizzas at home. In honor of National Pizza Party Day, Disney has shared some tasty recipes that will have all your little aliens saying yum.

As Toy Story celebrates its 25th anniversary, it is the perfect time to create some Disney inspired foods at home. While Disney Parks has been sharing various iconic recipes, Disney movies can inspire some cooking creativity, too. Given that pizza is one of the most universally popular foods, Pizza Planet inspired pizza recipes can be the tasty idea to get everyone in the kitchen.

Creating your own pizza at home is relatively easy. While many people use a pan and oven, Shop Disney does have a Pizza Planet compact pizza maker. Whether you use it to heat up a frozen pizza or use it to create a homemade recipe, the idea of a hot pizza straight from the Pizza Planet maker can make the kids smile.

Although many kids love a plain cheese or a pepperoni pizza, the idea of creating a special Pizza Planet inspired pizza could get them to venture outside of their traditional tastes. That Disney Pixie Dust can often make the pickiest eaters more willing to take a bite of a food that is Mickey approved.

With that idea in mind, these Pizza Planet inspired recipes have both visual and flavor aspects that could make a pizza party celebration out of this world.

One recipe that Disney created is an Alien Veggie Meatball Pizza. This pizza uses cauliflower to make veggie meatballs. Since cauliflower basically takes on the flavors of other foods, these “meatballs” are more like pesto-forward bites on a pizza.

The best part about this pizza is the creativity. Since the little eyes are made of goat cheese, the kids can have aliens with all types of expressions. This recipe is all about having fun with food.

Here’s how to make the Alien Veggie Meatball Pizza.

Pizza planet pizzas
Alien Veggie Meatball Pizza, photo provided by Disney /
Pizza Planet Pizzas
Alien Veggie Meatball Pizza, photo provided by Disney /

If you aren’t ready to claw a piece of that alien inspired piece, the Rocket Ship Pizza could be another option. Instead of using traditional pizza dough, this recipe uses naan bread.By cutting the naan into shapes, that pizza can look just like a rocket ship. With a little sauce, cheese and toppings, the rocket ship is ready blast off to tasty-town.

Here’s how to make the Rocket Ship Pizza.

Pizza Planet Pizzas
Rocket Ship Pizza, photo provided by Disney /
Pizza Planet Pizzas
Rocket Ship Pizza, photo provided by Disney /

One common element to both of these Disney inspired pizza is all the extra veggies. From the cauliflower to the peppers, kids (and maybe parents) may not realize all the healthy ingredients piled on their pizza. When the pizza is tasty and creative, no one gives a second thought to the extra veggie toppings.While these two ideas are a suggestion for National Pizza Party Day, families can create their own pizzas, too. From big pieces of mozzarella to look like a moon to banana peppers to mimic that bright alien colors, everyone can recreate some Disney magic in the kitchen.

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Which Pizza Planet Pizzas would you want to make for your family? Are you planning on celebrating National Pizza Party Day?