Monkey Shoulder and Joel McHale shake up first impressions

Joel McHale for Monkey Shoulder, photo provided by Monkey Shoulder
Joel McHale for Monkey Shoulder, photo provided by Monkey Shoulder /

From the perfect outfit to the witty comment, first impressions matter. Monkey Shoulder and Joel McHale are ready to shake up that stale commentary. Even though that a first date is a needed step towards what can be possible, the reality is sometimes a new direction is warranted. Is that spark waiting to be ignited?

When people ask about a first date, the stories tend to flow. There can be a picture-perfect moment that is the start of an epic romance. On the polar opposite, there are disasters that are a bigger bonfire than any movie could create. Although most first dates find the middle of that spectrum, the reality is that the magnificent needs to outweigh the mundane in that first date scenario.

Joel McHale has never been afraid to push the boundaries. It is more than just a quick turn of a phrase that makes people see the scene different. McHale tends to get to the heart of the matter.

With Monkey Shoulder, the scotch brand entices drinkers not with that stuffy library and chilly snuffer of golden liquid. The award-winning whiskey is about dropping the pretentious yet appreciating that great beverage.

To bring a little fun to that first date scenario, McHale and Monkey Shoulder have joined forces to make a real impression. As McHale said, “A first date should be about forging a real, honest connection – kind of like the connection I have with my new friends at Monkey Shoulder. “

The pair is reaching out to anyone who wants to have the first date that is not just memorable but also remarkable. Through this special contest, that romantic table bathed in candlelight can be a little more realistic versus Hallmark-movie magic.

According to the brand, anyone can visit and share their “most stuck-up date moment.” The winning story will have McHale and Monkey Shoulder “crash your first date via a home-cooked meal with a twist.”

That first date doesn’t have to be fireworks, rainbows and happily ever after, but it doesn’t have to crash and burn either. Take some advice from Joel McHale and Monkey Shoulder, be genuine and let the chips fall where they may.