Toast Christmas in July with Hallmark Channel Wines Jingle and Joy

Hallmark Channel Wine, photo provided by Hallmark Channel
Hallmark Channel Wine, photo provided by Hallmark Channel /

During Christmas in July, these new Hallmark Channel Wines are the perfect sip to enjoy while watching those romantic moments. Even if prince charming isn’t knocking on your door or your high school sweetheart still needs to grow up, these wines will make that romantic evening on the couch a little more enjoyable.

While many people have a favorite wine, the new Hallmark Channel Wines have a broad appeal. Similar to the rose offered earlier this year, these new wines are delightful drunk on their own or enjoyed when paired with food.

The two new Hallmark wines are Jingle and Joy. Whether you need a little spark of joy or a little twinkle to the day, these wines will deliver.

Jingle is an approachable Cabernet Sauvignon. The rich ruby color is reminiscent of the vibrant ornaments on a Christmas tree. The hint of holiday spice is inviting while the aromas of dark chocolate and cherry offer that touch of holiday indulgence.

Whether paired with a food or enjoyed on its own, this wine makes watching that favorite Hallmark movie even more enjoyable.

Joy is a crisp, Sauvignon Blanc. The vibrant citrus flavors awaken the palate. With hints of tropical fruits, that glass of wine can feel like a getaway to that exotic locale. After enjoying a glass, it will definitely bring a smile.

Hallmark Channel Wines Jingle and Joy
Hallmark Channel Wine, photo provided by Hallmark Channel /

These two new Hallmark Wines can be purchased as a 2-pack for $28. Also, they can be purchased separated for $14 each.

What other ways can the new Hallmark Channel Wines be enjoyed?

For some people, they prefer to have their wine fridge well stocked. Luckily, the Hallmark Channel Wine Club will ensure that there a bottle waiting for that next new Saturday night movie. With its first offerings, wine lovers might want to ensure that a second or third bottle is added to the order.

Danielle Mullin, SVP, Brand Marketing, Crown Media Family Networks, said “In its first year, Hallmark Channel Wines has been a huge hit among wine lovers and Hallmark Channel enthusiasts. The Wine Club gives us the opportunity to provide our members with a truly distinct membership experience that delivers on the Hallmark Channel lifestyle.”

In addition, Wines That Rock’s award-winning winemaker Andrew Nelson, said ““Hallmark Channel Wine Club gives us a unique opportunity to offer a series of Special Reserve wines, each one designed and created exclusively for Hallmark Channel Wine Club Members. These elevated wines will not only be perfectly paired for each season but will also offer our wine making team the opportunity to present a line of special reserve wines produced in small lots with a strong focus on quality and value.”

Starting in September 2021, the two featured wines are Autumn Dreams and Snow Kissed. Autumn dreams is described as “a special Reserve Pinot Noir with notes of boysenberry pie and ripe cherries.” The Snow Kissed wine is “special Reserve Zinfandel with notes of blackberries and delicious plums.”

Available in 3, 6 and 12 bottle options, the wine is shipped quarterly. Prices vary and more information can be found at the website

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Are you ready to open a bottle of the new Hallmark wines and watch some Christmas in July movies? What is your preferred cocktail for watching Hallmark movies?