Capa Cagna and Leah Van Dale toast to the confident women


While Carmella might be a powerhouse in the WWE area, Leah Van Dale has poured herself a big glass of success with her Capa Cagna wine. Although Van Dale enjoys a great glass of wine, the reality is that she believes a first pour isn’t meant to be served with the pinky out. Shouldn’t that glass of wine be about enjoyment not erudite conversation?

There are many reasons to open a bottle of wine. Whether it is unwinding after a long day of work, enjoying a bottle with friends or even creating a delicious food and beverage pairing, wine is meant for a wide array of people. The sommelier isn’t the only person who can uncork a bottle.

As some people walk down the wine aisle, the cases of bottles can seem overwhelming. Even though that favorite bottle calls, sometimes a different thirst arises. Is it craving a new varietal, a change of season or maybe just a pretty label captures the eye?

When Leah Van Dale launched her wine brand, Capa Cagna, the idea seemed straightforward. As a wine drinker, she wanted a great wine that was unpretentious. The bottle didn’t need to explain the terroir or the history of the vine. What mattered was that the wine in the glass was an enjoyable to all. Although that statement might be simple, it is a bold move in the wine world.

During a recent conversation with Van Dale, she shared why this brand resonates with her and why the wine continues to have such a great appeal. She shared that she “isn’t a wine snob,” but she wanted to “create a great wine at a reasonable price.”

More importantly, Capa Cagna is about a wine that is approachable to wide variety of palates. Although there will be some people who want to discuss the nuance of the berries in the Cabernet Sauvignon, the reality is that her goal was to create a wine that is meant to be drunk and enjoyed by everyone. From the person who can decipher all the flavors on the palate to the person who just wants to sip wine in a glass without a care in the world, this wine checks every box.

When the wine brand was launched, literal translation of Capa Cagna seemed to permeate some of its branding. Although being that strong woman is always at the heart of the wine brand, a recent re-branding has a slightly softer approach.

As Van Dale said, she wants the brand to celebrate women who are “unique, true to themselves and are celebrated for being different.” With a touch of femininity and a beautiful image that captivates, the bottle calls to anyone who is looking to capture that moment of positivity.

Even though the label is the first impression, the reality is that the wine needs to deliver. Just like a moment in the wrestling ring that can make everyone gasp, that one moment doesn’t guarantee that she will be raising the victor’s belt at the end of the match. It is about a complete package that delivers on every promise.

With Capa Cagna, the reality is that wine is a great bottle. With the rose added to the chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon, the trio of wines fit within the brand’s purpose, a great tasting wine that doesn’t break the bank.

As Van Dale said, these wines go with everything. She described the rose as “a medium bodied wine with hints of melon and green apple.” When asked who she likes to enjoy a glass, she recommends serving it really chilled, which is great on a warm day.

Even though that glass of wine is always enjoyable, Van Dale and her brand wants to be more than just a beverage for any occasion. In some ways, each bottle stands as a reminder to celebrate the real, authentic self.

That idea is a concept that Van Dale wants everyone to consider. As she said, “social media can make it hard to be comfortable with who you are because of the constant comparison to everyone and everything.”

In some ways, Van Dale infused that confidence in her passions. People had tried to warn her about starting a wine brand, but she did her homework, paid her dues and created a company that she is proud to have carrying her name. This wine isn’t a vanity project, it is a celebration of a hard working, confident woman who is ready to toast her current and future success.

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And, if there is a toast to be said when opening that bottle of Capa Cagna. Van Dale said it quite simply, “to those who love us and forget the rest.”

Capa Cagna can be purchased online. There are three varieties, chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon and rose.