Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark episode 1 heads to a frightful forest

Chocolate Meltdown Hershey's After Dark, photo provided by Food Network/Hershey's
Chocolate Meltdown Hershey's After Dark, photo provided by Food Network/Hershey's /

The highly anticipated new Food Network show, Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark episode 1 takes the first step into a huge undertaking. Will the chefs feel like they are stepping into an enchanted forest or will this challenge have them longing for a different locale?

According to Food Network, Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark episode 1, “Frightful Forests” features the following:

"Three pastry chefs battle it out overnight in Hersheypark’s Chocolate World to create showstopping, forest-themed chocolate creations. After riding the park’s tallest roller coasters, a world-renowned Danish chocolatier has a major chocolate setback, and a Colombian cake and sugar artist deals with the consequences of working with fragile Jolly Rancher isomalt. Meanwhile, a young mom with an eye for character design struggles to bring her frightful forest to life with realistic chocolate tree sculpting. Host Sunny Anderson reveals a curve ball in the candy store, forcing the artists to run back into the park to solve another Candy Clue in the middle of the night! The chefs face another frightful park attraction to earn their second Hershey candy, which inspires a creative treat. When time runs out, the three chefs face judges Ralph Attanasia and Maneet Chauhan, who critique their overall theme, chocolate work and candy manipulation. Only one will last through the night, face their frights and win the $10,000 and dream vacation in Hershey, Pennsylvania."

The premise of this Food Network show will have many people watching. The idea of stepping into a theme park after dark has huge appeal. It is the ultimate thrill that people would love to experience.

At the same time, Hersheypark is more than just those thrill rides. The connection to the iconic candy brand makes the experience even sweeter. Given the mix of those two aspects, this food television show will be must see TV.

While everyone expects the chefs to create the most visually stunning displays, the reality is that unexpected twist and turns are ahead. Just like a great roller coaster thrills with that big drop, the unexpected in the competition adds to the excitement. And, having to ride a coaster and then create is an added element that isn’t addressed in pastry school.

Although all these chefs can manipulate sugar into art, the reality is that using pre-made candy is not as easy as it sounds. A few elements are out of their control, which can make this artist display unstable.

Overall, many people are quite interesting in seeing this new Food Network show. Even if most people cannot create these magnificent displays at home, it will inspire them to see candy in a different light. The holidays might have gingerbread houses, but it could be time for Halloween to have its own artistic sweet creation.

Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark airs on Food Network Mondays at 10 p.m. In addition, it will stream on Discovery+.