Maneet Chauhan celebrates craft and achievement through community, interview

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.)
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery, Inc.) /

While many Food Network fans know Maneet Chauhan as the reigning Tournament of Champions winner, Chopped judge and her recent appearance on Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark, the celebrated chef and restaurateur is more than just a food television personality. She is a driven, thoughtful, successful businesswoman. While she many have a long list of adjectives to describe her many roles, that multi-faceted career is more than just a list of accolades. It is a journey filled with new adventures ready to be explored.

During a recent conversation with Chef Chauhan in relation to the Food Network show Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark, the conversation strayed beyond the behind the scenes revelations on all things sweet on food television. In a few poignant moments, the discussion diverged to what it means to be a woman chef and how that community bolsters each other’s accomplishments.

As Chef Chauhan said, “Back, when I started off. We didn’t hear of very many women in the industry. Now, you hear more about it because the opportunity is given.” While that door might be opened, that first step must be taken. More importantly, a welcome hand must be waiting to greet her after stepping over the threshold.

Chef Chauhan continued to express the importance of a community. She shared that “there is a camaraderie that we have with all chefs. It is such an amazing environment between everyone because we deeply respect the other person’s craft and achievement.”

These sentiments should resonate beyond cooking on the line. The concept of respecting another’s craft and achievement in a business world can often be forgotten, overlooked or taken for granted. But, without the nurturing and mentoring of others, that achievement is hallow.

Within the culinary industry that desire to mentor and foster the dreams of the next generation is becoming more important. Speaking candidly, Chef Chauhan said that mentoring “shouldn’t even be a question.” For her, “it is a responsibility that each and every one of us needs to take very seriously.”

She continued onto to express that the restaurant industry is not easy. She believes, having a person by your side to “teach you the ropes and show you the way it makes us, as a industry stronger.”

Chef Chauhan referenced the John F. Kennedy saying,” A rising tide lifts all boats.” While that well-known phrase can be applied in economics, the simplicity of the sentiment and the visual has broader implications. The assistance to one can be for the benefit of all.

Without being completely serious, there a simple win win for everyone. As Chef Chauhan said, “a stronger next food generation ensures that we all eat better when we are older.”

While Chef Chauhan continues to tackle project after project, she appreciates that she sets an example both in and out of the restaurant. As seen in Restaurant Hustle, the past year has been complicated for everyone.

Although she might prefer to step back from her role as math teacher for her children, her family is a priority. Whether it is planning her work day around her children’s schedules or turning work trips into family adventures, the reality is that Maneet Chauhan is a woman who can do it all.

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Maneet Chauhan can be seen on various Food Network shows including the new Chocolate Meltdown Hersheypark After Dark. In addition, Morph Hospitality Group, which is owned by Maneet Chauhan and her husband, owns and operates several establishments in the Nashville area.